Getting Out of Pain (Part 2)

Yesterday I sent out an email titled, “Getting Out of Pain -VS- Achieving Your Goals.”

Let me explain a bit more.

Pain can be a great kickstart.

It can kick-start you into action when you hit that point where you’re really frustrated and you’re under your standards.

Let’s say you have a certain standard…

And damn, you got up to 220 pounds, and you hit a 36-inch waist.

You’re like, “This is not my standards.”

That’s a great kickstart.

But to really hit the highest level, you need to have something to aspire to.

You have to have more than just getting out of pain to inspire you and push you forward.

You have to have a vision you wish to realize.

This is why I show a lot of aspirational things.

Now, for myself, I’ve made this mistake…

I’ll meditate every day, and I’m consistent AT FIRST.

Maybe I’m going through a rough breakup.

I’ll meditate every day.

And after a month or six weeks, I’m feeling great.

And then I stop doing that thing, and then I kind of regress.

So you have to create that powerful vision you wish to realize that’s what’s going to help you move forward.

With my fitness goals, it wasn’t enough for me just to get out of pain.

I had this vision of me being in movie star shape, of me being lean, of me doing X, Y and Z.

I had this aspirational vision I wanted to realize.

So I never really gave up.

Getting out of pain wasn’t enough.

That’s just the beginning.

Like f*ck! Now the real work starts.

So you have to tap into that.

And that’s part of this coaching program.

Because 90% of people, once they kind of get out of that pain… they’ll fall off just like I did with meditation back in the day.

Though I’m doing it consistently now.

You have to have that strong vision that you excel beyond most people.

The biggest mistake most people make is they don’t set their goals high enough.

They have those short term goals, but they kind of settle.

They don’t aim high.

If you look at the most successful people in the world and you hang around billionaires and people at the very, very top.

They set massive goals.

That’s what the quote says on my arm, “make no small plans.”

They think so big.

Most people think too small.

They just kind of want to fit in.

“Oh, you know what? I’m falling behind the pack. Let me scoot up here to catch up to the pack.”

F*ck that!

This is the VIP.

We want to keep the pack strong.

So maybe your mindset is built in to just fit in with a pack.

Well, guess what?

You join this pack, and fitting in is going to be 9% body fat and chiseled.

Your going to be doing 90 or 100 pounds on incline presses, doing 90 pound weighted chin ups, etc.

That’s going to be fitting in.

And if you want to go a level further, well, guess what?

We’re going to have to get you to 7% body fat if really want to be a little ahead of the pack.

If you want to be part of a group that is constantly aiming high.

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“Make No Small Plans.”

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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