Getting Sick Will Kill Your Gainz

I was out walking in Miami a couple of days ago…

I just realized that I went through Sept, Oct, Nov, and Dec without getting sick.

Not even as much as a sniffle.

Flu was going around hard during the holidays as well.

I usually get at least a little bit sick since I fly so much during the holidays.

I’ll get over it quickly…

But at least once during this time, I’ll be sick for a few days.

This year, none of that has happened.

I’m convinced it is because I took Kino Mojo during the fall and winter.

This is the only thing I’ve done differently this year.

I’ve chatted with a few friends who have taken Mojo for the past 3-4 months.

NONE of them got sick this past year.

This was a pretty bad year for the flu as well.

The ingredients in Mojo not only boost testosterone…. Zinc, magnesium, and boron in Kino Mojo are extremely beneficial for your immune system as well.

Tongkat Ali is also effective.

This stuff is a super-herb!

One of the negatives of getting sick is it sets your progress back.

The flu will kill your gainz, LMAO.

The flu is bad enough.

Covid is worse.

I know Covid is a controversial subject…

But ideally best if you could avoid getting it.

I have friends who got Covid over a year ago, they lost their ability to taste food, and it hasn’t come back all the way.

Not good!

Magnesium makes it less likely that you will catch it.

I’ve said this before…

But the longer I take Kino Mojo, the more I believe in this supplement.

It will enhance your drive.

It helps you get strong as hell.

Helps pack on muscle while losing body fat.

Improves your confidence.

Hell, you will even smell better to attractive women (studies show the sweat of guys with high T levels smells better to women).

I don’t know what else to tell you.

Kino F*ckn Mojo is the Apex Predator of supplements!

Kino Mojo (Testosterone Optimization Formula)

Nothing else comes close.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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