Girls… The #1 Green Flag (NOT Negotiable)!

Here’s one of my number one green flags.

You meet a girl that is amazing.

She’s sweet.

You click, you get along.

Maybe you have a sleepover.

Then in the morning, is she talking about having breakfast?

Is she like, “I need breakfast”.

I f*cking fast!

I don’t want some girl trying to get me to eat breakfast with her.

“Come on, let’s have breakfast. Just once in a while won’t kill you!”


If a girl is gonna be pushing you every day to have breakfast, she’s gonna be high maintenance.

She’ll detract you from your goals, your focus, and your dreams.

If she knows you fast every day.

You get work done, then have a big feast.

A great quality girl is going to be like, “I’m down for it. I want to fast, too. Let’s both fast!”

When I meet a girl, she’s like, “oh, I don’t even eat breakfast”.

That’s a green flag.

Quit being a breakfast simp!

I don’t care if she’s hot.

She starts talking about breakfast croissants and OJ?

You need to be out!

If you are a high-value man, you will find a smoking hot girl that is willing to skip breakfast with you.

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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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