Going Swimming With Aggressive Bull Sharks Today (Yikes)

What am I doing, lol?

Last week, I was on a yacht in Miami, and one of my friends asked me if I had ever swam with the sharks.

I said, “WHY would I want to do that!!!?”

But then thought about it.

It happens out in West Palm Beach.

You take a 30-minute boat ride to an area that has a dense population of sharks.

Supposedly, the winter season is most intense.

The area is loaded with tiger sharks and bull sharks.

And the bull shark has the highest concentration of testosterone out of any species in the world.

They are frickin aggressive!

They are considered the most dangerous sharks to humans.

But my friend explained to me that they do feed the sharks ahead of time so they don’t bite you.

It sounded like a great experience…

So I’m doing it!

I’m taking one of the models from the photo shoot, and I bet we will have a blast.

One of the signs of high testosterone is your willingness to take risks.

Ideally, you take calculated risks.

I have been more willing to do this since taking the Mojo.

One recent risk that paid off big time was buying Bitcoin.

Video: Why I’m Putting 1 Million into Bitcoin…

I started buying back in September of last year, and the more I learned about it, the more convinced I was that it was a risk worth taking.

An “Asymmetric Risk”.

Asymmetric Risk definition… “It describes a case where the potential upside reward greatly outweighs the potential downside risk, or vice versa. There is an imbalance between risk and reward.”

There’s a historic even that happens once every 4 years wth Bitcoin.

It’s called “the halving”.

I cover more of what that means in the video but…

Bitcoin has made its biggest leaps in the year following the halving (will be 2024 & 2025).

In addition to that…

I started buying before the spot ETF for Bitcoin was approved.

Because this further increases demand.

There’s a bit of a risk.

But this reminds me of one of my father’s favorite sayings…

This risk has paid off well.

I started buying Bitcoin when it was $25,000 and today it’s over $60,000 per Bitcoin.

And things are just getting started in this bull run.

Speaking of “bull run” a few hundred bull sharks and a pretty girl waiting for me.

Going to down a cold glass of Octane and take Mojo.

Need to get my T levels up to show the shark who’s boss.

Wish me luck!


When you have higher testosterone levels, you are more willing to take risks.

Risks are what make you feel alive.

If you have been playing it too safe, it could be your T levels.

Seriously, if your testosterone increases, it enhances your life as a man.

Trying Mojo is an Asymmetric Risk

Almost all guys who do their blood work see AT LEAST a 20% increase in T levels.

And some see a 2-3X increase.

Insane results.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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