Great News if You’re Under 6’0

You know how everyone says women only want tall guys?

That you’ve gotta be at least 6 feet to attract women.

Well, turns out that’s not true.

New research shows that muscularity matters way more than height.

A recent meta-analysis looked at 91 studies on this.

And the results were crystal clear.

Guys with muscular physiques crushed it when it came to mating success.

So why is muscularity such a game-changer?

Here are the findings from this massive study.

  1. It shows you’re disciplined and hard-working. Traits women find super attractive.
  2. A muscular physique can be intimidating to other guys. Gives you a huge advantage over the competition.
  3. Muscles are a crystal clear sign of masculinity and genetic fitness. Triggers all the right instincts in women.

Bottom line?

If you want an edge in your dating life, focus on adding lean muscle.

Being lean and strong scores you more points than being 6’2.

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Muscularity = Kino physique.

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Greg O’Gallagher

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