Have You Become Weak?

Physical strength is important, but for a quality life, a strong mind is important as well.

Unfortunately, people are becoming mentally weak.

A lot of this is due to technology keeping us constantly distracted.

With smartphones, we have 24-7 access to texts, dating apps, social media, etc.

It’s changing our brains.

There’s even a book examining this in detail called “The Shallows”.

What is happening is that the internet and smartphones are changing people’s brains to where people can’t think deeply anymore.

  • People can’t read an entire book
  • Can’t sit through an entire movie
  • Can’t watch a TV show without also checking their phone
  • Have this deep urge to multitask at all times

The mind just exists in this shallow, distracted state.

The rare person who can concentrate and focus deeply has a MASSIVE advantage in life.

Your ability to concentrate and focus will make or break you.

I’ve experienced this in my own life…

I started building my fitness brand at the age of 19, over 10 years ago.

*This is what my Kinobody site looked like in 2011.

I had 2 years of making Youtube videos and writing articles and guides without seeing a dime.

I kept pushing.

I stayed up late at night writing articles when my friends were out at clubs with girls they met in college.

Even when things got monotonous and boring at times, I kept focusing on my one goal.

My friends and family were always supportive, but I’m sure they became skeptical when I was working hard for 2 years for free.

There were absolutely times I had self-doubt…. but if you focus long enough, solutions begin to present themselves out of thin air.

Incredible things happen.

Focus is what will separate you from the masses.

If you know what you want, you simply have to begin taking the steps forward today.

Here’s the scary part…

When you are starting out, it’s like driving in fog.

You won’t even know where the road goes until you begin driving.

But with focus, the fog begins to clear, and you figure out solutions and better routes.

You become a better problem solver.

And you become mentally strong and focused in a way that is incredibly RARE today.

Getting to this point is a game-changer.

The reason I created Kino Brain was to fast-track your ability to focus.

  • Take it 15 minutes before your most important tasks for the day
  • Focus hard without distractions for 3-4 hours on your main goal
  • Repeat daily or at least 5 times per week

You will eventually get out of that state of being constantly distracted.

Focus is a skill that is strengthened with repetition.

Try this for at least 3 months, and you will have a skill very few people possess.

Get Kino Brain Today

Focus and consistent work come first.

Life-changing results follow shortly after.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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