Heavy Dumbbell Shoulder Presses (Helpful Tip)

Here’s a tip for starting a set of dumbbell shoulder presses.

A lot of guys need assistance getting that first rep up and then have an easier time on reps 2, 3, and 4, etc.

The reason the second rep is easier is because of the “stretch-shortening” cycle.

At the bottom of a rep, there is a short period of time when there is a stretch. You can use this stretch to help propel the weight up on the next rep.

I recommend doing this on the very first rep.

Here’s an example…

*See how I drop the weight just a touch before pushing it up?

I’m using the stretch-shortening cycle to get that first rep up.

Also, people sometimes ask why I have the bench at a high incline instead of completely 90 degrees.

I have a few reasons for this.

  • It makes it much easier to get the weights into place.
  • When it’s 90 degrees it feels slightly awkward like I’m being pushed forward.
  • It feels much safer on the spine.
  • I feel tension in my delts more.

I occasionally get the comment that the only reason I’m lifting 110s and 120s is because it’s a high incline and not completely vertical.

It’s possible I am slightly stronger at this high incline.

But the bottom line?

I get a better shoulder workout with this bench setup, so it is what I’ll continue to do.

I recommend using this high-incline approach if you have the option.

It works well!

Get to 90+ dumbbells for reps on the high incline, exactly as I demonstrated above.

Your shoulders will respond in a big f*ckn way.

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