Here’s Your Free 8 Week Program

I’m feeling a strong sense of gratitude this morning.

Things are coming together.

  • This past Memorial Day weekend, the Kinobody brand hit some new milestones
  • Selling out of several of our supplements
  • Our Kino App will most likely go live in the IOS App Store next week.
  • New clothing line for Men & Women coming out this summer (Follow our new IG account)
  • Getting flooded with testimonials and positive DMs

I’m now convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we have the best supplement line.

These supplements make a big difference.

But your results will be magnified with the right workout routine.

As a “thank you” for being a Kino Supplement customer, I’m gifting you The Warrior Shred Protocol.

You have to understand that this program, at one time, was one of the best-selling fitness programs in the world.

Over 200,000 programs sold and $10 million in sales.

Warrior Shred Protocol

  • FREE updated Warrior Shred Program
  • 8 steps to turn your body into a high T – fat burning and muscle building machine.
  • 8 week Lifting Routine to pack on dense muscle and build perfect proportion.
  • Strategic Nutrition plan to lean down and support more muscle and higher T.

I condensed the original Warrior Shred program into a brief, easy-to-read PDF.

And updated it for 2024.

Save it to your desktop and follow it as outlined.

Can’t wait to see your results.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

I’ve helped clients increase T levels naturally by as much as 300+ points following a simple protocol and I am now sharing this in a FREE report “10 Steps to Higher Testosterone”

*You will also get FREE access to the daily Kinobody Newsletter – My best tips for getting a chiseled Movie Star physique. In the past, this has only been available to buyers of my supplements and premium courses.