Excess Body Fat Lowers Your Testosterone Levels

If you are over 15% body fat, your highest priority should be to get lean.

I think closer to 10% is even better.

When you are over 15% body fat, your body produces less testosterone.

The higher the body fat, the worse this gets.

Studies show that overweight men produce 30% less testosterone.

*The term “hypogonadism” means when the gonads don’t produce enough sex hormones. In the case of men, this is testosterone.

Just by being overweight, a man produces less testosterone.

And the less testosterone a man has… the harder it becomes to lose weight.

It becomes a vicious cycle.

So, to increase T levels, you can do so directly by lifting weights, diet, and supplements…

But it’s equally important to get lean.

Let’s first discuss increasing T levels directly.

Tongat Ali is the top natural herb for increasing testosterone.

Andrew Huberman, a current Professor at Standford School of Medicine, is a big proponent of this herb.

*Dr. Huberman has seen a 100+ point boost in testosterone from Tongkat Ali alone in many of the clients he has worked with.

This is why we put Tongkat Ali in Kino Mojo.

We also included the three proven minerals necessary for testosterone production: Boron, Magnesium, and Zinc.

When I launched Mojo, I thought we would help men increase their testosterone by about 10%.

I would have been thrilled with those results.

That’s a significant number.

But we have been seeing much more dramatic results.

*We’re seeing men increase their Total testosterone by 200 points.

We’ve even seen increases of 300-400 points.

Guys are increasing their Free testosterone by 20-30% on the low end…

And then 50% all the way up to 3X on the high end.

*The results people are getting with Kino Mojo have surpassed my wildest expectations.

It’s widely known that Boron, Zinc, and Magnesium help testosterone levels.

When Tongkat Ali is added, it further increases testosterone production.

Forskohlii is the ingredient in Mojo takes this formulation to the next level.

One of the huge benefits of Forskohlii is that it not only increases T levels directly, it GREATLY assists with fat loss.

This is why guys using Mojo are finding it easy to get shredded.

In just 3 months of taking Kino Mojo, Sasha lost 8 pounds of body fat without obsessing about it.

Forskohlii works by supporting your thyroid hormones (keeping your metabolism revving).

Your two primary thyroid hormones are T3 and T4.

When your T3 and T4 levels are low?

This is called hypothyroidism.

This can cause weight gain, fatigue, sensitivity to cold, dry skin, etc.

It basically slows down all processes in your body.

This makes it hard to get lean.

One way to treat or address low T3 and T4 is Forskolin.

*Forskolin activates the thyroid gland, leading to an increase in the secretion of T4 and T3 hormones.

This is why we decided to include it in Kino Mojo.

This increase in T3 and T4 is also the reason why studies on why Forskolin gets such great results when it comes to fat loss.

In a study that took place over 12 weeks…

The Forskolin group lost 9 pounds of body fat.

That is a significant amount of fat loss.

Kino Mojo works so well for getting lean because the combo of fat loss effects of testosterone increase directly…

But it also has Forskolin, which increases T3 & T4 production.

This testosterone increase, along with improved thyroid function, makes this incredible for body recomp (gaining muscle while simultaneously losing body fat).

Mojo also has Boron, which blocks estrogenic compounds in the environment.

Xenoestrogens can cause an increase in stubborn body fat.

Boron contracts these.

The before and after from guys using Mojo have been outstanding.

“Bodyfat started falling off idk why. I had occasional diet mess ups and I still would look crazy.”

As you get below 15% body fat, I find that fat loss accelerates for a bit.

Kino Mojo speeds up this process.

The Forskohlii keeps the thyroid hormones and metabolism burning hot… even once you get lean.

This really helps with losing those final 10-15 stubborn pounds of fat.

Anyone can get “kind of lean.”

But by optimizing testosterone, blocking estrogen, and keeping your thyroid hormones revving, you can get shredded.

This is why I highly recommend…

Kino Mojo

I absolutely believe this is the most effective testosterone optimization product on the market.

And our customers have the blood work and pictures to prove it.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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