How Long to Get to 10% Body Fat

I want to talk about how long it takes for someone to go from 15-20% body fat down to 10%.

With a proper calorie deficit, you can cut about 2% of body fat per month.

That sounds good…

But is really only about 4-5 pounds of body fat per month.

Or like a pound per week.

The trick is NOT to lose muscle when leaning out.

The way to do this is to maintain or even gain strength at this time.

*If your strength is going down, you are losing muscle tissue (not ideal).

Continue to lift heavy weights.

You don’t want to lose muscle with the fat because then you will just look skinny fat instead of chiseled.

I see this all the time.

Guys lose their hard-earned muscle because they f*ck around with pish-posh routines while dieting

Don’t be that guy!

So how long will it take to get to 10% body fat?

  • 5 months if you are at 20% body fat
  • 10 weeks if you are at 15% body fat

If you start today, you can be at 10% in early 2023 at the latest.

*This Kino Warrior f*ckn crushed it with Masterclass.

Remember, the most important part of this process is retaining strength and muscle tissue when getting lean.

I recommend the Shred Stack to make that happen:

The Shred Stack

This stack contains Kino Aminos and Octane.

Octane will give you energy for insane workouts even when calories are low.

Kino Aminos will protect muscle tissue without adding significant calories.

The end result is a lean, downright chiseled physique.

Way better than becoming skinny fat!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


What about getting lower than 10% body fat?

Once you get down to 10% body fat, you risk losing muscle with every pound of fat loss.

Because of this…

You want to slow down the fat loss a bit.

Eat just barely below maintenance with the goal of losing roughly 1% body fat per month.

It can take 3-4 months to lose that last little bit of body fat.

Don’t rush it if your goal is to hit 6%.

You will be looking frickin incredible at 10% anyway…

Anything below that is just icing on the cake.

One thing that has really helped me keep all my muscle at 6% body fat is Kino Aminos.

Almost all the weight I have been losing is fat, not muscle.

I recommend grabbing The Shred Stack.

You are most likely going to want the best pre-workout with Octane anyway.

This way, you get Octane and Aminos in one bundle.

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