How Much Protein Per Day?

I think most guys trying to get lean eat too much protein per day.

Here’s the problem.

When you are trying to get lean, you need to eat in a caloric deficit.

You have a set number of calories per day.

If you eat a ton of protein, you need to reduce the fat and carbs you eat… otherwise you will eat too many calories to lose body fat.

But carbs are important.

There’s a reason I recommend steak AND potatoes.

*Getting enough carbs and fats is crucial to testosterone production.

When t-levels plummet, you will have a tough time getting shredded.

High testosterone will make you look and feel better.

It’s also a driving force for a man.

High testosterone is what pushes you to achieve and go after what you want.

*It also gives you sexual energy that women are drawn to.

When your testosterone levels are low, you lose motivation.

So not only will you find it harder to get lean.

Life F*CKN sucks when t-levels are low.

For optimal t-levels, carbs and fats are crucial.

The goal is to eat “just enough” protein to build muscle and spend the rest of your calories on carbs and fats.

How much protein do we need per day?

*We only need 0.82 grams of protein per POUND of bodyweight.

This isn’t a ton of protein.

  • If you weigh 180 pounds.
  • 180 X .82 = 147.6 grams of protein.

I don’t think you need to hit an exact number.

Just know that if you are this size, somewhere in the ballpark of 150 grams of protein would work well.

In summary…

If you eat as much protein as many people recommend (1 – 1.5 grams per pound of bodyweight) … and you want to get lean… your testosterone levels won’t be optimal.

Give my 0.82 recommendation a try.

It will work better for you.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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