How Rare is it to Be Lean?

In the past, I’ve discussed the rarity of six pack abs.

It’s super rare.

In fact, even in Miami, it’s not like the beach is full of guys sporting a six pack.

You can spend the day and see maybe a handful of guys who are shredded.

I was curious about what percentage of the world is lean.

I found this…

The Auckland University of Technology conducted a worldwide study[1].

According to this research, only 5% of the world is at 13% or less body fat percentage.

I consider 13% or lower somewhat lean.

So about 5% of people are lean’ish.

Just going to the gym and dieting a bit, you are in the top 5% when it comes to having a good physique.

That is decent.

Or, as Larry David puts it…

Getting to 13% is a solid accomplishment.

You will be leaner than 95% of the people in the world.

But I have to tell you.

“Pretty good” isn’t enough for me, and I hope it isn’t for you either.

We have one life.

Why not go for great?

I’m shocked that guys don’t even try for a great life.

Blown away, actually.

I know I can help get you there.

The way I can mentally reprogram your mind for success is through transforming your body.

Through my coaching program, we help get you into Elite Movie Star Shape.

The top 1%.

We have an incredible success rate with this.

Once we get you into true Movie Star shape, a switch will go off in your head.

When you experience success in achieving this first goal, you can build momentum in your life.

You see this sort of thing all the time.

An example of this would be Ryan Reynolds with Aviation Gin.

Ryan achieved the goal of being on a TV show.

Then moved on to movies.

Now he is building huge businesses.

It all started with achieving one goal, and he pushed forward using that momentum.

We can help you hit the top 1% when it comes to your physique.

Achieving this elite level will give you extreme confidence.

THIS is what I want for you.

But only if you want it.

If this sounds good?

Check Out My Coaching Program

Not only will we help you build a better body than 99% of the guys.

I will teach you the mindset to hit the top level of whatever goal you want to achieve.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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