How to Fix a Skinny Fat or Pudgy Physique

When guys first begin their journey to get a movie star physique…

They typically begin in one of two conditions.

  • Skinny fat – lack of muscle, flabby, and usually at a bit of excess body fat.
  • Bulky/pudgy – a bit of muscle that is covered by a significant amount of body fat.

Both of these need to be fixed with diet, proper workout routines, and more daily steps.

They each have their unique challenges.

First, let’s discuss how to fix a skinny fat body.

A common thing I notice with skinny fat guys is they lack aggression during their sets when working out.

They are doing the right lifts.

It just feels a bit like they are going through the motions.

But lack of intensity is tied to a much larger problem.

Low levles of free T.

The strongest sign that your free Testosterone is high is your ability to put on muscle.

Skinny guys almost always have low free T.

Especially if they have been training for a while and don’t see many changes.

When guys take Kino Mojo, and get their free T optimized, strength and muscle potential go through the roof.

Also, a common issue with skinny fat guys is they end up losing muscle when trying to cut.

High free T prevents that from happening.

Next, let’s discuss bulky guys.

Bulky guys have a slightly different challenge.

A bulky physique with excess fat likely has a combination of low T and high estrogen.

One of the key ingredients in Kino Mojo is Boron, which blocks excess estrogen and helps getting lean easier.

The free T increase from Mojo also helps maintain all muscle when dieting.

This is great for body recomp.

But a lot of bulky guys also suffer from low energy.

This is why I recommend Kino Nitro to anyone who is having a hard time losing body fat.

When your blood flow is ripping?

You get that energy boost and naturally just move more and burn more.

It’s much easier to get lean.

Increasing blood flow also activates brown fat cells.

This is a good thing…

Brown fat cells help you burn fat and more calories overall, which is great if you want to get lean.

So Kino Nitro helps by burning more fat directly as well as giving you energy and making you simply move more.

I actually like taking Nitro in the morning.

I’ll do it before my morning walk.

This gets the blood flow rolling and amplifies the fat-burning effects of your walk.

No matter what condition you are in…

I recommend grabbing our best-selling stack…

The Mojo Stack (Mojo + Nitro) increases your testosterone, improves your blood flow, and blocks excess estrogen.

The free T makes it easier to gain muscle if you are skinny.

Maintains muscle while cutting.

The improved blood flow burns fat directly as well as gets your daily activity up to create a bigger calorie deficit.

More movement equals more fat loss.

Blocking estrogen will help you lose that extra stubborn body fat.

If you want a movie star physique, this simply makes it MUCH easier…

The Mojo Stack (Mojo + Nitro)

Take this supplement.

Dial in your diet.

Hit your workouts hard and get your steps in.

You can absolutely look significantly better in a matter of months.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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