How to Maintain High Testosterone While Cutting

A lot of people think if you get very lean your T levels tank.

I’ve been able to maintain high levels at single-digit levels.

The biggest thing is this…

HOW you get lean matters.

Extreme dieting, where you cut out all carbs or fats, is a bad idea.

Excessive intense cardio is also bad.

To maintain high testosterone while getting lean, the key is a slow and methodical approach, especially when cutting below 12% body fat.

Get enough carbs and protein.

Focus on gradual weight loss of around half a pound per week.

That is 2-3 pounds per month, reaching a level of leanness of around 9-10%.

  • Hold it for a month.
  • Eat at maintenance.
  • Get your body feeling good again.
  • Then gradually cut further to reach around 7-8% body fat.

Michael Jordan is an example of a person who maintained a remarkably lean physique for his entire career.

And you can tell he had extremely high free T levels.

This not only helped with his insane athletic ability.

It gave him a legendary drive and competitive spirit.

He was f*ckn FIERCE in his prime.

So, being lean doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to have low T.

It’s only an issue when the approach is wrong…

Too low of calories combine with too intense of training and cardio.

Getting to competitive bodybuilding stage ready physiques are also an issue.

But you can have a killer movie star physique and have high T.

Your waistline is actually inversely correlated with your testosterone.

The bigger your waistline?

The lower your testosterone levels are (everything else being equal).

You actually want to get lean to boost your testosterone.

The thing to remember is this.

You can quickly cut to 12% body fat.

Then think SLOW fat loss from 12% to 7-8%.

The cool thing is that people look pretty darn great at 12%.

So there isn’t some huge rush to get leaner.

If you take it slow your testosterone levels should be fine.

As far as TRT goes…

I think guys are WAY too quick to go the TRT route.

More and more guys in their 30s and 40s are hopping on TRT without taking the right steps in trying to get lean first.

Now, things do slow down in your 50s and beyond…

But even then, you can get impressive levels and avoid having to take TRT.

This is where Kino Mojo shines.

Getting lean the using the approach I teach in Movie Star Masterclass will help a ton.

We can rapidly get you to 12%.

At this point, you will have six-pack abs and look awesome in clothing, etc.

Then, we switch the strategy a bit.

Slowly and systematically get you leaner and more shredded than you’ve ever been.

Going from cut to f*ckn shredded.

Taking Kino Mojo gets your free T levels even greater than this workout and diet approach alone.

When you are in better shape than 99% of the population and your free T levels are high?

You simply feel unstoppable.

Can’t recommend it enough.

Follow this slow and steady approach and you will be good!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher