“I haven’t seen Greg progress in over 4 years”

I got a funny comment on Instagram the other day.

I posted a video about how I made my best gains by training 3 days per week…

And cut that down to 2 times per week for part of the year.

Someone responded with this.

“I haven’t seen Greg progress in over 4 years.”

I want to expand on my response.

I’ve been lifting for almost 20 years.

Completely satisfied with my strength, size, body fat, etc.

All about maintaining fitness levels while excelling in other areas of life now.

I don’t really need to get stronger.

I recently hit 130-pound dumbbells on the incline for a set of 6.

This is beyond elite levels of strength for this lift.

In fact, I probably can maintain size and density in my upper pecs with a much lighter weight.

Really probably no need to do incline with 130s.

I just saw those heavy dumbbells on the rack and had to give it a shot, lol.

My back is equally as strong.

I’m able to do several reps of one-arm chin-ups.

Elite strength levels in weighted chins as well.

*I’m doing 270 lbs chin up for 8 reps (180 + 90 lbs attached).

My back is actually bigger than I would like, so I’ve backed off on it recently.

I also limit leg lifts.

I’ll do Bulgarian split squats for functional strength and athleticism.

I’m able to hit 10 Nordic Curls for hamstrings, which is elite levels here as well.

Not a fan of squats.

I’m actually naturally strong at squats, but I HATE the way they make the upper thighs rub together and chafe.

Here’s a pic when I was 18.

At this point, I was doing tons of squats and quickly got up to 335 pounds for reps.

I gained a lot of muscle quickly due to this.

I’m not saying this is elite…

But if I would have stuck to squats my guess is that I would have hit 405 for reps the following year.

Then eventually 495, etc.

I am glad I didn’t go that route.

Right after this picture was taken, I decided I didn’t like what squats were doing to my body.

It was around that same time I got inspired by Hollywood actors.

  • Brad Pitt in Fight Club, Snatch, and Troy
  • Daniel Craig in Casino Royale
  • Cam Gigandet in Never Back Down
  • Christian Bale in American Psycho

Guys who looked muscular but also stylish in clothing.

*If Christian Bale added 20 pounds of muscle for American Psycho, he’d lose the cool factor.

Same with Brad Pitt in Fight Club.

The goal isn’t to get as big as possible.

Getting too big is kind of dorky.

There’s a reason women are attracted to lean guys with a 24-26 BMI… It shows that a man is fit and strong but not overly obsessed with lifting.

He has other things going on in his life besides the gym.

Time for travel.

Time to build an empire, etc.

This is why James Bond isn’t built like a bodybuilder.

It’s why they didn’t make Keanu bulk up for John Wick.

*Keanu would lose that bad-ass special agent edge if he was as muscular as possible for this role.

Imagine if Ryan Gosling roided-up and added 30 pounds of muscle for Crazy, Stupid, Love or La La Land.

It wouldn’t work.

Hopefully, you get the point.

There are countless programs for getting as big as genetically possible… I wasn’t interested in creating another.

My goal was to create the best program for guys looking to create a body most attractive to women.

A lean movie star physique with ideal proportions.

Movie Star Masterclass

The best thing about this program is not only will you create the type of physique that women desire most, but you are able to do this in just 3 workouts per week.

Giving you time to build a life outside of the gym.

Crush it in business.

Travel and have time for an incredible social life, etc.

The typical bodybuilder wannabe who lives in the gym is clueless about the big picture…

He chases more and more weight while life passes him by.

Don’t be that guy!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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