I’m In My Best Condition EVER (6% Body Fat)

Right now, I’m 174.5 pounds and as shredded as I’ve ever been (right around 6% body fat).

Back in 2015-2016, I was 169 at this body fat level.

So I’ve added 4-5 pounds more muscle.

It was also much easier this time around…

There’s one thing I did differently that helped me get better results with less effort.

Taking Kino Aminos daily, 3-4 hours into my morning fast.

Aminos are the most misunderstood supplement on the market.

If you are eating in a surplus and not concerned with losing body fat, aminos aren’t going to make much of a difference.

Research looking at aminos has subjects taking them who are already eating plenty of food (this isn’t a good test).

The real magic with aminos happens when they are taken in a strong deficit.

When you cutting to a low body fat and fasting, aminos make a WORLD of difference.

I recommend taking Kino Aminos 3-4 hours into your fast in the morning.

Here’s why this is so effective:

  • Blunts your hunger
  • Shifts your body out of a catabolic state
  • Helps you retain muscle
  • Your body composition improves

The biggest risk when getting to a low body fat is losing muscle.

Many guys will lose 2 pounds of muscle for every 4 pounds of fat they lose.

Kino Aminos will prevent this from happening.

Not only will this help you retain hard-earned muscle, but it will also make it easier to stick to your diet and get shredded.

This is the perfect supplement for helping you get rid of those last 10-15 stubborn pounds of body fat.

Kino Aminos (Signature Series Formula)

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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