I’m Spreading “Misinformation”?

I recently posted a clip on Instagram of why I train two times per week.

Some funny comments.

Here’s one that cracked me up.

“Misinformation… I’m sorry but this is not true. There is a reason why professional athletes train 4 hours a day 5 to 6 days a week.”

He’s suggesting that I would get better results training 20 – 24 hours per week.

I’ll humor him.

Right now, I’m lifting 2 times per week

Probably less than 2 hours total per week.

This guy believes if I put 10X more time in the gym (20 hours), I’d get better results.

I wonder how much better?

  • I doubt I’d be stronger training 20 hours per week.
  • I am already pretty darn lean (doubt 20 hours per week would make me leaner).
  • More muscle size? I think I’m close to maxed out there as a natural as well.

Let’s pretend that 20 hours per week got me stronger, and leaner with more muscle size.

Even if 20 hours per week resulted in a 10% improvement, it wouldn’t be worth it (the law of diminishing returns).

If 2 hours got me 90% of the results…

I’m f*cking sticking to 2 hours!

The irony is that I think my 2 hours in the gym gets better results than the guys who spend 10-20 hours per week in the gym.

There’s no reason to live in the gym.

Here’s all you need:

  • 2-3 brief intense workouts per week.
  • Be active if you can (I like boxing)
  • Walk daily

If this is “misinformation”, then I’m fine being wrong.

My approach will give you time to have a life outside of the gym.

You will be strong as hell.

Chiseled and lean.

You can spend those extra 15-20 hours each out in the real world.

*Surfer girls around the world put on their skimpiest bikinis only to get let down every day!

Barely any guys on the beach.

Nobody to apply sunblock to their firm buttocks.

It’s kind of a sad deal…

These poor hotties are just trying to meet a guy who will shower with them, soap them up and help get the sand off their soft skin.

Luckily there are a few Kino Warriors to help out.

But there are not enough of us!

Instead of listening to me, many guys are listening to those people who disagree with me in the Instagram comments.

Because I’m obviously spreading “misinformation” LMAO.

So guys are spending more and more time in the gym.

And unfortunately, there are way more hotties than Kino Warriors.

We do our best.

There’s only so much a Kino Warrior can do.

We are outnumbered.

So these poor young women are neglected.

They spend their days buying and trying on lingerie but can’t find a guy who will appreciate this.

All the rest of the guys are in the gym.

Even the most experienced Kino Warriors really only have the stamina to shower with maybe two surfer girls in an afternoon and attend 1-2 lingerie parties later that night.

We need your help!

In just 12 weeks we can turn you into a Kino Warrior.

You will get lean and chiseled and can help us with the “hottie overpopulation problem”.

Learn how to do that here:

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When you act today, you are doing your part to help a hottie in need.

We’ve walked into homes with lingerie parties of 20+ women and not a guy in sight.

It’s sickening!

Please act today…

These neglected hotties are counting on you.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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