Importance of Androgen Receptors for Building Muscle

You have most likely heard the term Androgen Receptors.

Here’s a short definition.

Androgen Receptors: Proteins found inside cells that bind to androgens (testosterone and DHT). When androgens bind to these proteins it increases strength and muscle growth.

So, here are two things that can accelerate muscle growth.

  • Androgens – Increasing your testosterone and DHT increases protein synthesis in the muscle cells.
  • Androgen Receptor Density – Having more of these androgen receptors in your muscle cells equals a greater growth potential for that muscle group.

We already know how to increase Androgens naturally.

Kino Mojo is extremely effective at this.

What about “Androgen Receptor Density”?

The more of these receptors, the faster the potential for muscle growth.

I have been looking into this closely for the past couple of years.

L-carnitine helps.

It’s easy to get enough L-carnitine in meats, and most of us get enough of each day.

Very few people are deficient in L-carnitine.

So supplementing with carnitine won’t make much of a difference.

Here’s what DOES make a difference.

Supplementing with Betaine.

Betaine supplementation helps the body increase the levels of carnitine in the muscle cells, which increases Androgen Receptor Density.

Betaine helps you use the carnitine in your diet to build more muscle.

It helps carnitine increase Androgen Receptor Density.

This likely is the reason Betaine works so well for rapidly building muscle.

There’s a recent study…

Subjects supplementing with betaine increased muscle mass by 4 pounds and arm size by 10 percent, all while decreasing body fat by 7 pounds.

The placebo group experienced no increase in muscle mass or arm size and no loss of body fat.

I was so impressed with the research on Betaine.

I included it in our newest formula of Kino Gains.

We sold out of our NEW Kino Gains formula much quicker than I anticipated.

It’s been sold out for over three months.

It works extremely well for increasing muscle volume quickly.

And Betaine is just one the ingredients.

It is a Creatine HCL + Betaine formula.

Creatine HCL is superior to the commonly used Creatine Monohydrate in several ways.

The biggest thing?

It absorbs quickly into the muscles.

One study showed that HCL is 38 times more soluble than Monohydrate…

This is significant for two reasons.

  • You can get the same muscle-building effects with a lower dose (2 grams of HCL instead of 5 grams of Monohydrate).
  • Since it absorbs efficiently, you are unlikely to experience bloat and water retention common with Monohydrate.

I don’t like Monohydrate as much because it can make you look puffy.

Creatine HCL solves this puffiness problem.

It’s just one of the reasons why Kino Gains is so effective.

This cell-volumizing effect of the creatine and the increase in androgen receptor density from Betaine make this an incredible muscle-building supplement.

If you really want to take muscle growth to the next level?

Here’s what I would recommend.

  • Kino Mojo – Increase testosterone (androgens) to increase muscle protein synthesis and build muscle.
  • Kino Gains – Increase androgen receptor density in your muscles with the betaine, and experience the cell-volumizing effect of the highly absorbable Creatine HCL.

This combo of supplements should rapidly make a difference in your appearance.

Mojo also has Forskohlii, which a recent study resulted in 9 pounds of fat loss in just 12 weeks.

Gain muscle, lose fat, get f*ckn strong.

Gains + Mojo will get it done!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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