Improve Your Fitness Levels With THIS Diet?

A significant study was published last month.

It looks at diet type and fitness levels.

It’s titled.

High Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet is Associated with Higher Physical Fitness in Adults: a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

It’s a meta-analysis looking at 36,807 adults.

The finding?

Mediterranean diet was associated with higher physical fitness in adults of all ages.

Why is this important?

I sometimes get guys who are terrified of eating carbs.

Carbs are important for testosterone production.

You need Protein, Fat, and Carbs for your body to function optimally.

The Mediterranean Diet is:

  • 15-20% Protein
  • 30-35% Fat
  • 50% Carbs

With the Kinobody approach, we eat within the range of the Mediterranean Diet.

We up the protein and cut back a little on carbs and fats.

Also, focus on a calorie deficit to get lean.

Intermittent fasting simply makes hitting a calorie deficit easier.

This also gives you focus in the morning.

In my line of work, you need it!

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I’ve said this before, but…

Everything we do in the Kinobody programs is for a reason.

It gets rapid results and is also a healthy approach long-term.

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Greg O’Gallagher

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