A Frickin’ Incredible 12-Month Transformation…

I want to share with you an unreal transformation.

Daniel Pena signed up with Kinobody Coaching.

In just one year, we helped him completely transform his body.

Not only did he get ripped…

His face is lean, masculine, and angular as well.

*Daniel is 5’10” and went from a chunky 180 lbs down to an incredibly lean and chiseled 145.

We are looking to help other guys achieve this level of transformation.

In the past, I had a coaching program called “Movie Star Body Accelerator” to get men in top shape as quickly as possible…

With ZERO chance of failure.

The success rate of this coaching group was unmatched.

The only problem with it?

The cost was $3,000+.

This is why, in 2024, I’ve chosen to go in another direction.

I’m calling it Kino VIP.

*We are launching this at a special charter membership price of $99 per month.

This coach group isn’t just about losing fat and gaining muscle.

This program will re-engineer your physique.

It is designed to put on muscle in key areas for YOUR individual physique so you end up looking like a movie star.

All of my best coaches and clients will be in one place.

What’s included in Kino VIP.

  • Access to my best coaches
  • Access to me
  • The mastermind group
  • All my best workout and diet programs
  • New course content added regularly
  • Group coaching calls
  • A supportive community
  • Exclusive discounts
  • And more!

I recorded a video with all the details here…

Watch the Kino VIP Video

Right now, you can lock in $99 per month.

We plan on eventually raising the price, so join today as a charter member.

See you on the inside!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

I’ve helped clients increase T levels naturally by as much as 300+ points following a simple protocol and I am now sharing this in a FREE report “10 Steps to Higher Testosterone”

*You will also get FREE access to the daily Kinobody Newsletter – My best tips for getting a chiseled Movie Star physique. In the past, this has only been available to buyers of my supplements and premium courses.