Ingredients That Aren’t Good for T

When I came up with the formula for Mojo…

Including only the purest forms of the most effective ingredients was important.

But possibly even more important?

All the ingredients we skipped.

So many testosterone formulas are filled with bullsh*t ingredients.

Here are the ones to avoid.

Horny Goat Weed: Despite its provocative name, scientific evidence supporting its testosterone-boosting effects is lacking. Long-term use may even lead to respiratory issues[1].

Ashwagandha: While some studies suggest it might increase testosterone, results are inconsistent. It can also cause complications for those with autoimmune conditions, and it can interact with medications for diabetes, high blood pressure, sedatives, and thyroid hormone medicine[2]. It can also lead to anhedonia, which reduces the depth of feelings and the ability to experience pleasure.

Fenugreek: Research is contradictory. Some studies show positive results, others demonstrate no effect on testosterone levels. The only studies showing positive results were funded by supplement manufacturers. We need more research here.

Fadogia: There’s a significant lack of scientific evidence supporting its use for testosterone enhancement. Safety data is also limited, making it a risky choice. According to WebMD, “there is no good scientific evidence to support any use” of fadogia agrestis, including for erectile dysfunction or athletic performance[3]. Fadogia can also cause issues with toxicity, even at the commonly used doses in supplements[4].

Now, let’s examine why Kino Mojo’s ingredients are superior:

  1. Tongkat Ali: Clinically proven to significantly increase both Free and Total Testosterone. Effects are noticeable within 1-2 weeks and continue improving over time.
  2. Boron: Increases free testosterone while simultaneously lowering estrogen levels, creating an optimal hormonal environment.
  3. Forskohlii: Studies show it not only boosts testosterone but also aids in fat loss and muscle gain, providing multiple benefits.
  4. Zinc and Magnesium: Essential minerals for testosterone production that many men are deficient in. We provide optimal doses for maximum effect.

The bloodwork results speak for themselves.

Here are recent bloodwork results a 38-year-old customer sent me last week.

Before taking The Mojo Stack, his free T was at 87 pg/ML.

This translates into 8.7 ng/dL of free T.

8.7 is pretty low.

You really don’t want to dip below 10.

And ideally, you want to be in the 15-20+ range.

This makes a world of difference in your ability to add muscle, get lean, increase confidence, focus, drive, libido, energy, etc.

This is a perfect range to aim for.

So, I was blown away by his bloodwork after taking the Mojo Stack for several months.

Check this out…

His free T is now at 23.67 ng/dL… a 2.72X increase!

Anything above 20 is Godlike free T.

Getting your free T to 15 or above puts you in a fantastic place to build a powerful, chiseled physique.

However, supplements alone aren’t enough to maximize your potential.

That’s why we’ve developed Mojo Mastery.

It’s a comprehensive system designed to transform your life:

  • Optimize testosterone levels
  • Develop an impressive physique
  • Enhance money-making ability and your career
  • Improve dating and relationships
  • Optimize sleep and nutrition

Currently, you can get the Mojo + Nitro Stack PLUS the entire Mojo Mastery program for just $99/month.

This offer is time-sensitive and won’t be available indefinitely.

Eventually, we are going to raise this to $249/month.

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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher