Injury Prevention

If you follow my programs, you will get frickin’ strong and it will happen quickly…

You’ll make faster progress than you have ever experienced in the past.

There are a few reasons for this.

I’ve figured out the ideal reverse pyramid set and rep scheme that builds insane strength with just enough fatigue for muscle growth.

The results speak for themselves.

*I NEVER thought I’d be able to incline press 300 pounds for reps!

This isn’t because of my genetics.

It’s due to the methods outlined in Masterclass.

You will absolutely get strong as F*CK if you simply follow this program.

If you have never been able to bench 225?

That won’t be a problem in 3 months.

Think 275 is out of reach?

Nope, I’ll help you hit that too.

When you achieve these strength levels it adds dense chiseled muscle.

*This transformation happened in just 6 months by following my specific set and rep scheme while dieting down to 6% body fat.

When you add 40-50 pounds to key lifts your body will look different.

For instance, if your incline is stuck at 185 pounds for 5 reps…

Getting that incline to 225 for 5 reps is going to be a game-changer.

I can help you do that in 3-6 months.

No doubt about it.

You do have to be careful.

Muscles can get strong at a faster rate than joints and tendons.

*I’m able to lift heavy with confidence due to strong and healthy joints.

It’s incredibly important to me to minimize the risk of injury.

One of the reasons people get injured is due to diet.

In the past, societies ate the skin, ligaments, and small bones of animals.

This provided collagen to their diet.

Collagen is not only good for the skin, it provides nourishment to your ligaments and protects your joints.

If you are lacking collagen in your diet, your ligaments can become dry and brittle.

*If you are lucky you can avoid injury.

I don’t like to rely on luck.

One of the reasons I recommend switching to collagen protein is because it will keep your joints strong and healthy.

It will also help you lose fat at a faster rate than whey protein because it won’t spike your blood sugar.

Collagen is the perfect protein for building strength.

If you want to get strong as hell while getting shredded…

Get The Lean Stack

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  • The protein in the Kino Collagen will build muscle while simultaneously protecting your joints.

The perfect combo.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


The risk of injury goes up the leaner you get.

Once you dip into the single-digit body fat levels you have to be extra cautious.

If you are lean or plan to get lean…

I recommend collagen supplementation.

They aren’t all of equal quality.

I know I’m biased but I believe we have the best collagen on the market in terms of bioavailability, absorption, and taste.

The majority of transformations you see from my programs… the guys take Octane and Collagen.

It became so common that we decided to sell it as a stack.

It’s now the best seller out of all Kino supplements.

This is a proven supplement combo.

Countless guys have used this stack to get absolutely shredded.

If you could only pick one supplement stack?

This would be it!

The Lean Stack (Collagen + Octane)

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