Insane Pumps, Circulation & Skin Health…

Earlier this year, in Spring, I began taking Pine Bark Extract.

My reasoning?

I kept stumbling across impressive studies showing incredible benefits:

The main benefits are improved blood flow and an extremely powerful antioxidant that promotes healthy and vibrant skin.

Having nice skin makes a huge difference in your appearance.

After taking pine bark extract for several months, I really noticed an improvement in my skin tone.

The increase in blood flow ensures that the tiny capillaries in the skin also deliver nutrients to nourish the skin.

This gives you better (youthful) coloring.

Old people lose their coloring and can look almost greyish due to less blood flow to the skin.

I also began getting better pumps in my workouts.

Improved blood flow not only gives you better pumps, it helps with exercise, digestion, sex, thinking, aging, appearance, and overall health and disease prevention.

Not going to lie…

The pumps during workouts are f*ckn great.

Here’s footage from my workout a couple of weeks ago in a gym in Scottdale, AZ.

Veins popping big time.

Back in July, I began testing several other herbs aimed at improving blood flow.

By September, I isolated it down to 6 supplements taken together to create the most dramatic effect.

  • Pine Bark Extract
  • Grape Seed Extract
  • Vitamin C
  • Garlic Extract
  • Niacin
  • Arugula Extract

I was planning on taking these going forward because my skin has more color and looks more vibrant.

Plus, the pumps are f*ckn insane.

Instead of taking a handful of pills each day, I decided to turn it into the next Kino supplement…

Kino Nitro

I recommend subscribing to it.

Works even better when you take it for a few months straight.

Talk Soon,

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