Intermittent Fasting – Is the Science Changing?

The other day on Instagram, I posted a recipe.

My favorite meal to break my fast.

  • 3/4 of a cup of 2% Plain Greek Yogurt
  • 1 scoop Chocolate or Vanilla Kino Collagen
  • Add 1 chopped banana
  • I usually have a rice crispy square as well

This is around 500-600 calories and 40 grams of protein.

It’s frickin delicious too.

In the comments under that recipe, a guy mentioned this…

He wrote, “the science is changing on IF and it looks like it causes muscle loss”.

I appreciate the comment.

I can tell he didn’t mean anything negative by it.

There’s research and science showing the opposite of what he is suggesting.

One particular study[1] came to this conclusion.

“These findings suggest that these diets are equally as effective in decreasing body weight and fat mass, although intermittent CR may be more effective for the retention of lean mass.”

Most of the IF studies look at only weight loss.

It’s good for that.

But the true magic of intermittent fasting is that it’s killer for body recomp.

Intermittent Fasting will allow you to gain muscle while simultaneously losing body fat.

You never have to get bulky.

So your face becomes more angular and attractive as you get lean while adding muscle.

You never take a step back when it comes to looking good.

There’s also a hormonal benefit to Intermittent Fasting that gives it an edge over simply reducing calories.

  • Insulin drops which help prevent insulin resistance
  • Noradrenalin rises, which keeps the metabolism high
  • Growth hormone rises, maintaining lean mass

Intermittent Fasting is better for your metabolism long-term as well.

Here’s a chart showing what happens to insulin levels over 6 months.

This study compared a calorie-restricted Mediterranean Diet (CER) to a diet of the same calories but used Intermittent Fasting (IER).

In this study, the weight loss was the same.

*My guess is that if they had measured lean muscle mass, the IF group would have retained more than the calorie-restricted group.

The difference, however, was the fasting group had much better insulin levels after 6 months.

They became more insulin sensitive.

This is a good thing.

With high insulin sensitivity, meals don’t give you those crazy blood sugar spikes.

You are basically spending more of your day with the ability to burn fat.

And this way of eating flat-out works.

This is why all of our coaching clients eat this way.

Darby began getting coached by us back in November.

He weighed 191 when he began.

Now he’s in the 160s.

The incredible thing is because he lost this weight with Intermittent Fasting, he is in a MUCH better place hormonally and metabolically.

It will be easy for him to keep this weight off.

He’s absolutely looking shredded now.

And with our coaching, we have brought up all of his weak points.

This impressive transformation took less than 6 months.

We can do the same for you.

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But back to the original subject of this email.

Intermittent Fasting, done the way we teach, is the best way I’ve found for rapid fat loss while maintaining or increasing muscle.

We have countless testimonials that back this.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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