Is There a “Best Time” to Work Out?

I don’t think there is a specific hour of the day when it is ideal for working out.

But I DO think there is a “Best Time”.

This probably sounds confusing.

Let me explain…

I like to work out AFTER I complete my most important work tasks for the day.

*I’ll drink a cup of coffee and take Kino Brain to get started.

I don’t f*ck around.

I write down my most 1-3 important tasks for the day.

I hit them hard with focus.

Once I’m really in the workflow, I’ll begin sipping on Octane.

I’m telling you…

I get more done in 2-3 hours than I used to in 8-9.

Some days I’ll work for 2 hours and other days I might work 5-6.

Once I have a big win by accomplishing my important tasks, THEN I’m ready to work out.

*Since my tasks are accomplished, my workout gets my full attention.

This makes a BIG f*ckn difference!

After I work out, I want to relax.

I’ll come home and eat my first meal (Kino Collagen and possibly a rice crispy square and a banana).

This is also when I like to take my Mojo.

Then I can relax on my couch and read a book.

Or I might put in another 1-2 hours of work, but the most important stuff has already been accomplished for the day.

If your work schedule can accommodate it, I highly recommend 2 – 3 hours of intensely focused work in the morning.

The way to ensure maximum productivity is with our newest offering…

*The Success Stack consists of Kino Brain, Octane, and Mojo.

You can condense 8 hours of work into a 2-3 hour window.

If you are in a groove and work for 5-6 hours, you will be blown away but what you can accomplish in a day.

It’s an insane stack…

You have to try it.

The Success Stack

Grab this and rip through your work targets for the day.

Then hit the weights with your full attention.

It’s a great way to structure your day.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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