Jake Gyllenhaal Got Shredded for NEW Road House Movie

You have to watch the new Road House movie on Amazon.

Not an award winner…

But high entertainment value.

Jake Gyllenhaal got shredded for the movie.

Thought it would be fun to break down his physique.

I’d say his level of being lean is a 9 out of 10.

He got super lean.

*I do think his physique would look better with less ab and oblique development.

He’s missing that V-taper.

So, he needs more shoulder, back, and upper pec development.

His waist looks thick to me.

I think he may have taken a drug stack to prepare for Road House.

Here’s why I’m thinking this.

Take a look at his physique in the movie Southpaw.

*Here’s a still image from a video of him getting in shape for the movie Southpaw.

Looks great and natural here.

His waist is much slimmer in this movie at a similar body fat percentage.

I’m not saying he used pharmaceuticals to get ready for Road House.

It could be his genetics.

But typically, people don’t add tons of ab and oblique muscle mass from training alone… I think this is the result of using HGH, which enlarged his midsection.

The term for this is Palumboism, or “HGH Gut.”

Dan Bilzerain has a little bit of this going on as well.

*Excessive HGH use can stimulate abnormal growth of the intestines and abdominal muscles due to the high concentration of growth hormone receptors in these areas.

If you stack HGH with other steroids, it can make this condition worse.

This kind of ruined Jake’s aesthetics, in my opinion.

Your waist-to-shoulder ratio is the strongest sign of physical attraction.

He would look so much better if he had the taught waist and V shape.

This is why it’s much better to boost your hormones naturally.

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I’d say he would look better with 6-8 more pounds of muscle and a narrow waist.

So, he would want to lay off heavy core training.

He needs to build up the chest, shoulders, and back a bit.

Get strong at weighted chins, incline presses, dips, and overhead presses.

Here’s Jake Gyllenhaals Kino Score.

  • Leanness: 9/10
  • Muscle Size: 7/10
  • Proportion: 6/10
  • Overall 22/30 = 7.3

But again, he looks good.

I’m just being nit-picky.

But the real reason to watch Road House isn’t Jake Gyllenhaal.

It’s Connor McGregor.

I’ll talk about his physique.

He’s about a 7-8 out of 10 when it comes to being lean.

*He has a much more powerful-looking physique compared to Jake.

The wide shoulder and upper pec development stand out compared to his somewhat narrow waist.

He could be leaner, but my guess is he is burned out of dieting hard after having to cut to make weight during his fighting career.

To have the movie star look, he would want to lean down a little bit more.

But he is going for that strong, powerful angle.

He’s also rocking the beard.

When you are rocking a beard you don’t have to be as lean because it can cover your face when it lacks definition.

It works for him.

And he is frickin’ hilarious in this movie!

And, no homo, but pretty impressive muscle mass…

*It’s hard to have that much lower body at a very low body fat. Glutes lose fullness.

When he is walking around naked reminds me of the beginning of The Terminator.

He’s giving Arnold a run for his money.

I think he carries most of his muscles in the back, traps, legs, and glutes.

He could add a bit more muscle and fullness to his chest and arms.

But he is perfect for this villain role.

McGregor is absolutely made for the big screen.

The camera loves him.

This was his first movie and he broke the record for getting paid the most in a movie debut.

This record was previously held by Dwayne Johnson.

If I were to transform Connor McGregor, I’d have him cut 5-7 pounds.

Focus a bit more on the chest and arms.

But seriously, he’s Connor F*cking McGregor, and he is great in this movie!

Alright, here’s how I’d rate his physique in this movie.

Here’s Connor McGregor’s Kino Score.

  • Leanness: 7.5/10
  • Muscle Size: 8.5/10
  • Proportion: 8/10
  • Overall 24/30 = 8

I think these are fair scores.

Jake Gyllenhaal at 7.3

Connor McGregor at 8.

I was tempted to rate Post Malone’s physique in Road House, too.

I wouldn’t even know where to start and would have to add a “Boobies” rating, lmao.

But seriously.

It’s no secret that many guys in Hollywood use various drugs to get in shape for roles.

There are almost always side effects.

It’s possible Jake Gyllenhaal just has odd genetics or another condition that made his belly protrude like that.

My guess is he took some sort of stack.

What sucks is that once you get HGH Gut, you can’t really lose it.

The best thing to do is do things that boost your body’s production of hormones naturally.

  • Fast in the morning
  • Sprint 1-2 times per week
  • Lift heavy
  • Eat balanced macros
  • Get good sleep
  • Take Kino Mojo

And don’t mess with pharmaceuticals.

That sh*t is pish-posh.

Talk Soon,

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