How James Bond Could Defy Aging

I was thinking about James Bond the other day.

I was in my car.

Driving from Vancouver to Whistler.

I heard a deep rumble from the car behind me.

The car blew past me, and I am about 90% sure it was a DBS V12 Aston Martin (rare car).

This is the car Bond drove in Casino Royale.

So f*ckn sick seeing one of these cars in person.

Daniel Craig is done playing 007.

He’s in his mid-50s.

I wish he would have kept going.

I was thinking it would be funny to have an aging James Bond movie.

Struggling to keep up with the younger agents.

But not only struggling with his work of being a spy.

Struggling in the bedroom.

The movie would start out with 007 disappointing one beautiful woman after another.

“Don’t worry James, this happens to every guy from time to time”.

Eventually, when 007 meets a girl in the bar, they exchange numbers and he goes up to his own hotel room alone.

He becomes less interested in women.

Seems like a lot of effort.

Instead of focusing on his goals he gets distracted.

After being awake for 2-3 hours he gets sleepy.

Time for a nap.

This would be a LAME movie if it ended like this…

So 007 would need to snap out of his funk!

He would need to get his masculine drive back for both his work as well as his zest for life and desire for hot women.

This is where Kino Mojo would come in.

Bond would take 3 pills with his first meal.

His testosterone would get boosted.

Back to radiating the masculine energy that attracts the hottest women.

At the bar, he’d order a new drink.

Octane (Shaken Not Stirred)

This would give him the energy, spark, and euphoric feeling to be on his game when it came to attracting the women he encountered.

He’d also feel alert and focused.

Ready for any threat.

He would also take Kino Nitro earlier in the day.

This would give him the confidence that he could have a steel rod ready for multiple rounds back in his hotel room.

He’d have that Bond Big Dick Energy.

Men would fear and respect him.

Women would be pulling their own panties off as they entered his hotel room.

Bond would regain his edge.

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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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