Kino Supplements & Space X Field Trip

This is pretty sweet.

Right now, I’m down in LA visiting our fulfillment center and the place where Kino supps are manufactured.

I drove there with the Kino team a few days ago.

Get this…

Our fulfillment center is located near the Space X facility.

Here’s Falcon 9, right down the street.

*Luckily they don’t launch it from right here, or the f*ckn Mojo would be at risk.

I posted a video of our visit to the fulfillment center on Instagram.

Was too funny.

It felt like an elementary school field trip.

That is me up there driving that thing, LMAO.

So dumb and awesome.

Life is short, gotta have fun.

But I’m down here for serious business as well.

We have a separate place where our supplements are manufactured.

One of the biggest reasons I’m down here is to meet with a nutraceutical scientist to improve Mojo and Nitro formulas.

The products are near perfect.

They’re so good and they’re better than anything on the market.

But there is room to make it a little bit better.

An extra little boost.

I’ve been playing around with several raw ingredients.

They are pricey but make a big difference.

After meeting with the scientist, we decided to add one of these ingredients to Mojo and three of these ingredients to Nitro.

This is going to take a few months for Mojo & Nitro 2.0.

It WILL cost more.

BUT if you subscribe to The Mojo Stack now, you will be locked in at the current price.

There is literally no better time to be a subscriber.

The Mojo Stack (New Formula Soon)

Subscribe to our original formula and you will automatically get Mojo Stack 2.0 when it is available.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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