Kinobody Full Day of Eating & Supplementation

I feel like getting lean is all about using an easy-to-follow routine and simply repeating daily over a period of time.

Do that, and in 3-4 months, you will be in an incredible place.

It needs to be brain-dead simple.

I’ve developed a daily routine that fits this description.

Along with a carefully curated diet and supplement schedule.

I’ll share it in this article.

*One of my developers is an AI Geek. I told him I’d use his AI image here. Although AI Greg is slightly more ripped than me, I’m not ready to be replaced just yet.

I like to start the day with meditation.

Shortly after that, a glass of water.

This gets me ready for my workday.

About 90 minutes later, I drink Octane with Kino Nitro and Kino Brain.

Benefits: Octane gives me smooth energy, awesome focus, an uplifted mood, and better performance. I stack with Nitro for incredible blood flow and anti-aging benefits. Brain keeps me focused and on task, and I can get 8 hours worth of work compressed into 3-4 hours.

About an hour or two after that, I will drink a cup of coffee.

This reactives the L-theanine in the Octane.

It gives a better feeling than caffeine alone.

Around 5 hours after I wake up, it’s time for my first meal.

I like 2% plain Greek Yogurt combined with Kino Collagen and a chopped banana (about 300 total calories).

I’ll also snack on a rice crispy square (250 calories).

I typically hit around 550 calories for this first meal.

I also will take Mojo at this time.

Benefits: Kino Collagen Protein mixed with Greek yogurt is a rich protein source during the day. Great for skin, joints, and positive nitrogen balance. Mojo supports higher Free and Total testosterone and works so well that it’s become our best-selling supplement.

Whenever I’m going through a hard cut and trying to get really lean, I’ll add two other supplements.

Kino Aminos and Kino Gains.

I’ll take these every day in the afternoon.

I lift weights twice a week now.

On those lifting days, I’ll take about 30 minutes before the workout.

Benefits: Kino Aminos help maintain lean body mass when in a sustained calorie deficit. Kino Gains Creatine keeps you strong while on a strict diet and simultaneously adds a bit of size to your muscles as you drop body fat.

I view each night as a celebration of a well-lived day.

Nighttime is when the BIG feast happens.

For me, it is steak, potatoes, and broccoli.

Honestly, I could eat this every day, but sometimes I’ll mix it up with steak tacos or steak and fries, etc.

Several hours after that…

I’ll have either chocolate, an ice cream bar, or cookies.

As long as this late-night dessert doesn’t go too much over 400 calories, I’m good.

Benefits: Steak is an extremely high-quality protein source high in B vitamins, iron, and zinc. The natural fat content also is essential for testosterone production. Potatoes are satiating, and carbs are also necessary for testosterone production.

So that is my typical routine.

In addition to this, I’m taking probiotics for healthy digestion (Kino version coming next month). Also, taking Vitamin D+K for bone density, lowering inflammation, heart health, skin, and hormonal balance.

Follow as much of this routine as will fit into your particular circumstances.

I’d say the key Kino stack is Octane, Collagen, Mojo, and Nitro.

Here’s the best way to get all four.

If you get these two stacks?

You will have steady energy, quality protein, testosterone output, and optimal blood flow.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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