Kinovision Glasses Are Back (Limited Restock)

I wanted to give readers of my newsletter first shot at our Kino Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

We sold out of these last year.

We spend so much time looking at screens…

Prolonged exposure to blue light from your phone & laptop is sabotaging your productivity!

This is why people are turning to blue light blocking glasses.

The problem with most of these glasses is they are dorky-looking.

So, I decided to design my own.

*I’m wearing my favorite model here: The Bateman’s.

These frames are inspired by the film American Psycho with Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman.

He wears a very similar pair of eyeglasses – hence the name.

Here’s the deal.

I want to keep The Bateman as an exclusive item.

  • There is just a limited inventory of 500
  • New and improved blue light blocking lens
  • Blocking blue light improves sleep, mood, focus

I expect these will sell out quickly.

The Bateman (Limited Release)

I recommend wearing these even when going out to bars, restaurants, clubs, etc.

When I wear these out and about…

Always get compliments.

Sleek and sexy.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher