Learn the Secret Behind Top Transformations

I’d put Kinobody’s transformations against any program ever created.

Our programs not only have more transformations.

The physical changes are dramatic.

There are some commonalities behind all of the guys who wind up looking ultra-lean and chiseled.

  • They follow the workouts to a T.
  • They track each set and come into the gym to lift heavier.
  • They stick to the cals and protein (don’t go lower than I recommend).
  • And, of course, they power up free T on Mojo and energy and blood flow on Nitro.

I know it is easy to want to reinvent the wheel.

Add or subtract things.

Or switch out lifts.

If I could just get you do the workouts and diets EXACTLY as described for 3-4 months, you would be a believer.

The methods work so well.

The other day, I shared Tim’s killer transformation.

I wanted to expand on this a bit more.

Tim has been following Kinobody for six years.

But got really serious these past two years.

He’s in the Mojo Mastery group and shared with us a bit more about his journey.

He was at a point where he got lean but wanted to add more muscle.

His main concern was that he didn’t want to lose definition while adding muscle.

Here’s what he wrote in the Mojo Mastery group.

“When I got down to a lean and chiseled level, I was a bit apprehensive to bulk and add lean size. I didn’t want to jeopardize the sharp physique I worked so hard to obtain. I took the plunge and decided to follow the Greek God program to a tee. I took my time with moving the scale over 18 months and voila… I added 10 lbs and did not jeopardize one drop of leanness. In fact, I’d say there’s a chance I’m leaner despite adding 10 lbs to my frame!”

Notice how he followed the program to a T.

Didn’t change it up.

He also took Mojo to power up his free Testosterone.

After 18 months, here’s the result.

Several members in the group asked him questions about the transformation.

He was asked about the difference in strength between the two pictures.

How much did he gain on the seated DB shoulder press and incline press?

His answer.

“I was doing 65s for 6 on seated shoulder press, now I am at 85s for 6. Barbell Incline was 170 for 5, now at 210 for 5.”

See, when you gain strength in the key lifts, the body transforms.

Especially when you get the free T dialed in.

I know exactly how to help guys significantly increase Free T levels.

This is why I’m continually showing the blood work of clients.

*We helped this guy get his free T from 8.7 to a Godlike 23.67 (almost a 3X).

The Mojo Stack combined with the right exercise and nutrition plan is what gets the job done.

Maximizing your T levels makes everything fall into place.

I try to keep my free T at 20-25.

It makes a huge difference.

Here’s a clip of me yesterday lifting 125-pound dumbells on incline for 10 reps.

*I did this at the legendary Gold’s Gym in LA. A famous actor was in there and was definitely watching us lift (more about that in tomorrow’s email).

But seriously…

Maximizing your T levels, especially your free T, is what will make it easy for you to be strong as hell, lean, and chiseled.

THIS is exactly what is needed for f*ckn dramatic 4-month transformations.

It’s also the focus of our new 2024 system…

I opened Mojo Mastery last year as a 30-Day Challenge.

This time, I’m doing it again but with a twist.

The NEW Mojo Mastery will include the same 30-Day fast start.

  • 30-day gym routine to build a movie star physique
  • 30-day nutrition plan to optimize hormonal output
  • Strategies for avoiding endocrine disruptors (super important)
  • The ideal supplement stack

But this time around we will continue past 30 Days.

I’m also bringing my coaches in.

And I’m going to do a monthly call where we not only discuss fitness, but dating, style, increasing confidence, money and business approaches, etc.

I want to make this my home for guys who want to get the most out of life and network with other guys with similar goals.

So, what is the price?

The price of this will be $99 per month.

And this $99 includes The Mojo stack ($75 value).

I know if guys follow the tips in the NEW Mojo Mastery AND take this stack (which is included) they are virtually guaranteed to get insane results.

This combo is absolutely incredible.

I think the combo of this program, combined with this stack, is going to be a game-changer for people.

The Mojo Stack alone is already helping guys get stellar results.

But the idea of someone combining Mojo & Nitro with a pish-posh routine makes my stomach turn.

This is why you need the whole system.

Get the New Mojo Mastery Complete System

Again, we are launching this at $99/month.

With plans to increase the price for new members once we hit a certain number of members.

Eventually, it will be a $249 per month system, so…

Lock in charter member price today.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher