Location Matters…

I wanted to do a quick follow-up to yesterday’s email.

This past week, I met with a nutraceutical scientist at our manufacturing plant in California.

We moved there a couple of months ago, and shipment times are now super fast.

These guys are extremely quick!

And there is a reason we chose California.

It is the most expensive place to manufacture supplements because it has the strictest, highest standards.

They have extremely stringent quality controls in place.

Here’s a clip from my visit.

They don’t f*ck around.

*Nitro just being bottled and coming off the line.

You have to be extremely careful of where your supplements are manufactured.

Location matters.

A lot of manufacturers underdose the ingredients.

And you don’t get the same hit.

You can take two supplements with the same ingredients, and for some reason, one works a lot better, right?

It’s actually a thing.

We’ve looked into different manufacturers, and there’s a reason why we chose this state-of-the-art facility in California.

It costs 25-30% more.

But there is a sharp difference in quality.

Note: I mentioned yesterday that we are coming out with Mojo & Nitro 2.0.

  • Adding one ingredient to Mojo
  • Adding three ingredients to Nitro formula

These new formulas will cost more.

But if you subscribe to either Mojo or Nitro, you will be locked into this original lower price.

I recommend snagging our best-selling stack to save the most money.

The Mojo Stack (Mojo + Nitro)

All subscribers will automatically get Mojo & Nitro 2.0 once it becomes available.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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