From Totally Average to Godlike Shape in 10 Months

What I like about transformations is that they can help motivate people in a similar situation.

Take Darren, for instance.

He had been working out for several years.

He was decently strong and looked okay but still a bit flabby.

Then he picked up Movie Star Masterclass.

*Darren lost 35 pounds and went from 220 lbs to a chiseled 185 lbs at 6’0.

He did this over a 10-month period, so he lost 3.5 pounds each month while packing on dense muscle.

In the first picture, you can tell he works out…

But in that second picture looks like a total f*ckn badass!

If you have been lifting weights for a year or more…

And you aren’t lean and chiseled?

Let’s change that.

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