Low Protein Diet Can Increase Testosterone Levels

In spring of last year my “Natty or Not” interview on Youtube was published.

There is a channel called More Plates More Dates that conducts these tests.

I highly recommend watching or listening to this interview.

Greg O’Gallagher – Natty or Not

*If you just want to see where he goes over my bloodwork start at the 2-hour mark (2:00:00).

Derek covers all sorts of metrics in my blood panel.

One of the things that stood out was that my testosterone was at 515 which is a little lower than normal for me.

But my free testosterone was solid at 21.97.

Derek pointed out that steroid-level free testosterone is typically in the 30-range.

Anything above 20 is great for a natural lifter.

So I’m good there.

My overall T levels were a little lower than pasts tests (I’m usually in the 620-650 range).

*I blame Miami… less sleep and a bit more alcohol than normal.

My testosterone levels were solid.

Typically when natural guys diet down to single-digit body fat percentages their T levels and free testosterone levels plummet.

The problem is that guys follow steroid users’ advice.

A guy on steroids doesn’t have to worry about how diet affects hormone levels.

The drugs keep hormone levels optimal.

Bodybuilders (on gear) can get away with eating SUPER low-fat diets.

*A common contest-prep diet for competitive bodybuilders is chicken breasts and broccoli.

If hormones weren’t an issue, a high protein diet with extremely low fat and low carbs would be perfect.

This would create a massive calorie deficit.

As a natural lifter if you try this you are going to be f*ckn screwed.

It will work at first…

But then your T levels will become non-existent, you will lose motivation, sex drive, etc.

*This type of diet will wipe you out.

I attempted a bodybuilder diet when I was younger and it turned me into a zombie.

It also made it IMPOSSIBLE to get shredded.

Here’s the problem…

To get lean you need to create a deficit.

If you are trying to eat 220 grams of protein per day, that is going to take up a lot of your calorie allotment for the day.

This leaves little room for carbs and fat.

If you cut your carbs too low, and you are a natural, it will kill your testosterone levels.

*Potatoes are your friend if you want to be lean with optimal testosterone levels.If you increase carbs, and you want to keep calories in a deficit you have to cut back on either protein or fat.

You need some fat for optimal hormone levels…

I recommend reducing your protein.

This is exactly the type of diet I cover in Movie Star Masterclass.

I will teach you to eat “just enough” protein to increase muscle mass…

*This allows you to eat more fat and carbs which will boost hormone levels and make it easier to get lean.

I have perfected the ideal diet template for getting shredded.

As a natural, you not only have to create a deficit… you have to eat in a way that will optimize your hormone levels.

It took me years to understand and master this.

I would love to help you dial in your diet.

Grab Movie Star Masterclass to perfect your diet.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


I know the Carnivore Diet is really trendy right now.

This is another diet that kind of works at first, but then royally f*cks up hormone levels.

During my interview with Derek, he explained the major issue.

Guys on the Carnivore Diet will have normal-looking total testosterone levels…

But their SHBG is literally higher than a girl.

High levels of SHBG are associated with infertility, a decreased sex drive, and erectile dysfunction.

High SHBG also lowers free testosterone.

Derek mentioned he has seen men following a Carnivore Diet have free T levels at around 5.

You want this to be around 20.

Many of the guys who follow this type of dieting can get on hormone replacement therapy to combat this problem…

I just can’t recommend any diet that screws up the body like this.

My dieting approach is superior to any of these trendy low-carb diets…

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