Missing Link for Kicking Ass in Life

Many don’t realize the importance of optimizing blood flow.

Blood flow carries oxygen and nutrients to fuel cells and organs.

Good circulation removes waste and supports overall health.

Research shows that increased blood flow improves energy, muscle growth, and fat loss.

1. First, let’s talk about blood flow and energy.

A common trait for successful people is high energy levels.

Increased blood flow delivers more energy not only to the body but to the brain as well.

This is one reason I prefer to walk in the morning.

Walking jump-starts my body and brain by getting the blood pumping.

Blood flow increases energy by boosting oxygen circulation.

This supports the body’s energy production and allows for more efficient energy use.

You not only have more energy.

You also have energy for longer periods of time since your body becomes more efficient.

So you’re able to outwork and outlast your competition.

2. Next, let’s talk about blood flow and muscle growth.

Muscle growth is primarily driven by protein synthesis.

Increased blood flow allows better transport of nutrients, like protein, to your muscles.

This accelerates muscle repair and growth from exercise.

Increasing blood flow can lead to the formation of more capillaries, a process called “angiogenesis,” enhancing nutrient delivery to the muscles supporting their growth.

Also, when you get a pump from lifting…

The muscles can fill with blood and appear larger than normal.

This can help stretch the fascia surrounding the muscles and lead to greater gains in muscle growth.

To summarize.

  • Increased Blood Flow – Delivers more nutrients to the muscle, which increases protein synthesis.
  • Increased Blood Flow – Increases the formation of capillaries, which accelerates the growth and repair process.
  • Increased Blood Flow – Expands the fascia surrounding the muscles, leading to more growth potential (great for stubborn muscle groups).

So, optimizing blood flow is crucial for gaining muscle.

3. Finally, let’s discuss blood flow and fat loss.

Have you ever heard of brown fat?

There are two main types of fat cells: white fat and brown fat.

  • White fat, also known as white adipose tissue (WAT), is the most common and is responsible for energy storage. This is most of the fat we carry and what we try to lose to get lean.
  • Brown fat, or brown adipose tissue (BAT), is specialized for energy expenditure and thermogenesis. It helps regulate body temperature by burning energy to produce heat.

Brown fat helps you burn more calories overall and is a good thing if you want to get lean.

You want brown fat.

Exercise can create a process of “browning,” turning white cells beige.

People with more brown fat and beige fat tend to be leaner and healthier.

And increased blood flow leads to the activation of these fat-burning brown fat and beige fat cells.

This helps you get leaner by losing white body fat.

This is one reason I think walking is so good for fat loss.

Especially when you do it fasted in the morning.

It gets the blood flowing.

This is also why I take Kino Nitro first thing in the morning.

I want to maximize blood flow to get the highest possible fat-burning effects from my walk.

The Nitro formula is seriously impressive.

It contains…

  • Pine Bark Extract and Grape Seed Extract: These are rich in antioxidants called oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs), and enhance circulation. They also enhance blood vessel flexibility and flow, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach muscles.
  • Vitamin C: Crucial for healthy blood vessels and blood cells. It helps blood vessels constrict and relax to control blood flow. Vitamin C also lowers blood pressure. Healthy, flexible blood vessels and lower blood pressure ensure adequate blood and oxygen delivery to tissues.
  • Garlic Extract: Stimulates nitric oxide production, which widens blood vessels. This vasodilating effect can reduce blood pressure and improve circulation to working muscles during exercise. Oxygen-rich blood reaching muscles could mean better endurance and muscle building.
  • Niacin: Improves blood flow by releasing prostaglandins, chemicals that widen blood vessels. This widening (vasodilation) enhances circulation and reduces blood pressure.

As mentioned…

Improved blood flow and energy from it gives you a competitive advantage in all areas of life.

When I was younger, I wasted too many days.

I had low energy and lacked drive.

I’m on a mission now.

I will look at each new day as a gift not to be wasted.

This requires high energy levels.

This is why I recommend Nitro to every guy who wants to improve his place in life.

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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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