“Legs are the Most Important Muscle Group” – My Response

I recently posted a video on Instagram.

Talking about how most guys focus too much on chest and bench presses.

They should be focusing more on their shoulders.

Wide well-developed shoulders give you that masculine V-taper and make you look powerful.

Someone responded to that video with this.

“Legs are the most important muscle group, shoulders aren’t.”

I train legs specifically for athleticism.

I like to use Bulgarian split squats, nordic curls, pistol squats, sissy squats, etc.

This builds dense, strong, and explosive legs.

I do plenty of leg work…

I’m just not after maximum mass in the legs.

This is why I avoid squats.

Squats are incredibly effective for adding muscle mass to your quads and hamstrings.

These are big muscle groups with serious growth potential.

Most guys can get to a 315-pound squat pretty quickly and then work up to 405 for reps and beyond.

Once you hit that level, your legs will respond.

I worked squats hard when I was in my late teens and added a lot of muscle, especially in my upper thighs.

I HATED the feeling.

My thighs rubbed together and got all itchy and irritated.

Pants fit terribly.

It also slowed me down when it came to playing sports.

Have you ever seen a competitive bodybuilder sprint?

The massive upper thighs get in the way, so there is a lot of excess lateral movement and wasted effort.

This person isn’t making much forward progress.

Obviously, this guy is an extreme example and doesn’t have a natural amount of muscle.

But even natural lifters can build disproportionately large thighs.

When I was young and focusing on squats, I had a really tough time building an aesthetic physique.

My bench became strong.

I made some gains…

But my upper body remained soft.

I believe there are two reasons why hitting squats hard and focusing on gaining leg mass made my upper body soft.

  • Heavy squats made me ravenously hungry, and I wound up overeating.
  • As a natural, you only have a limited amount of protein synthesis, so rapid gains in the lower body can limit the gains in your upper body.

I had friends I trained with who got strong as hell on squats but struggled to bench 225 for reps.

I got decently strong on bench when I was squatting…

But I could never get the dense chiseled muscle and powerful delts until I DROPPED squats.

When I cut leg training back…

And focused on heavy presses and chins?

I quickly built that Greek God physique I was after.

*Dropping squats from my routine was the best decision I ever made when it came to improving my physique.

The shoulders finally started to grow.

My upper chest filled in.

I was able to become much stronger at chin-ups.

I got that V-taper and could get lean because I wasn’t ridiculously hungry.

Here’s what I recommend.

Drop squats and quit chasing leg mass for NOW.

Follow the blueprint I used to transform my physique.

Movie Star Masterclass

Then AFTER you build a body that women are attracted to, you can always go back and add squats if you want to.

Adding muscle mass to the thighs is a breeze.

I don’t like having my thighs rub together, but if you miss that feeling of chafed upper thighs, simply add back in squats after you go through my program.

For most people, it is hard to drop squats.

It’s hard to go against popular opinion.

“That’s why no one will remember your name.” -Achilles

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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