Tip for Additional Muscle Growth

Here’s a tip to increase muscle growth.

Try to get a pump when training, especially for stubborn muscle groups.

You don’t have to strive to get a pump in every workout.

But it will give you greater muscle-building potential.

Here’s why.

Your muscles are surrounded by a connective tissue called the fascia.

Think of it like an orange peel.

If you stretch your fascia a bit, it allows more room for the muscle to grow.

How do you stretch it?

One of the best ways is to get a pump in the target muscle.

By getting a pump…

The muscles expand to their largest size.

This stretches the fascia that surrounds these pumped muscles just a bit.

So now there is more room for a muscle to expand and grow.

There is a way to lift that works well for getting a pump.

Constant tension lifting.

I’ll demonstrate with incline dumbbell triceps extensions…

See how I’m not locking out all the way at the top?

I’m also not resting at the top or bottom of the rep at all.

Constant movement.

The blood increases each and every rep in the muscle this way.

It creates a serious pump.

Doing it on an incline like this stretches out the long head of the triceps as well.

The pump, combined with the stretch, makes this ideal for stretching the fascia of the triceps.

To amplify the results even more I take The Mojo Stack.

Octane + Nitro work synergistically to give me the best pumps possible, every time I work out.

The Mojo doesn’t increase the pump directly.

It just gives me the Free T levels to lift with aggression (which does add to getting a good pump as a side effect).

The cool thing about The Mojo Stack

You will even get a decent pump when you are doing basic key lifts.

Over a period of time…

You will find your muscles increase in size.

They will look full even when you don’t have a pump.

The Mojo Stack

Experience it for yourself.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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