My Favorite Day of Eating for High T

I’ll start off by saying this.

For high testosterone levels, you need protein, fats, AND carbs.

Don’t mess around with keto, carnivore, low-fat, or any diet that restricts macros.

And don’t overcomplicate it.

To lose body fat, eat 13 calories per pound of GOAL body weight.

Eat roughly .8g of protein per pound of body weight.

So, for step one, let’s figure out the total calories and protein per day.

Let’s say you want to lose 10 pounds of fat.

You weigh 190 and want to get down to 180 in the next 8 weeks.

  • Your protein intake would be 190 X .8g = 152 grams per day.
  • Your total calorie intake would be 180 X 13 = 2,340 calories per day, since my GOAL weight is 180 lbs.

How much fat and carbs should you eat?

Just use the remaining calories each day with a balance of fat and carbs.

In the example above.

  • We are eating 152 X 4 = 680 calories in protein since there are 4 calories per gram of protein.
  • This leaves 2,340 – 680 = 1,660 calories to split between FATS and CARBS.

You are never going to be exact.

Just eat close to 152 grams of protein and spend the remaining calories with a combo of fat and carbs.

Here’s how to do it using whole foods.

  • Fast for 5 hours
  • Drink water when you wake up and a cup of coffee two hours after waking and one more later in the day.
  • Meal 1 – 4-5 eggs, fruit, toast 
  • Dinner – 12-14 oz lean meat, potatoes and some veggies
  • Late Night – 400-500 calories chocolate or cookies + raw honey (dessert)

This meal plan works tremendously well.

Just adjust the portion and serving size based on your body weight.

Again, you will never be exact here.

Don’t worry about being perfect.

This meal plan worked extremely well for every client who has used it.

For those who want to accelerate their results.

Here’s a supplemented version I recommend for the fastest results.

  • Fast for 5 hours
  • Drink water when you wake up, a cup of Octane two hours after waking, and cup of coffee later in the day.
  • Meal 1 – Bowl of 2% Greek Yogurt, mix in Kino Collagen Protein, and a sliced banana.
  • Dinner – 12-14 oz lean meat, potatoes and some veggies
  • Late Night – 400-500 calories chocolate or cookies + raw honey (dessert)

You can do this with or without these supplements.

The big benefit of Octane is that it kills hunger.

One special ingredient it has, L-theanine, improves mood and focus.

I find it helps me increase productivity and makes it easy to fast for the first 5 hours of the day.

It also stays in the body for 8 hours…

And gets reactivated with caffeine.

So later in the day, when you have a cup of coffee, you feel the positive effects again.

Octane gets me so darn focused on the task at hand.

Incredible stuff.

So try out these meal plans and slightly adjust portion sizes to hit your calorie and macro targets.

Tomorrow I’ll share with you my favorite exercises.

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Best Lifts for a Chiseled Physique

Most guys water down their workouts with too many lame or redundant exercises.

I call these “pish posh” exercises.

You need to get all the f*ckn pish posh out of your routine.

So you’ll finally be able to make progress again.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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