My MUST-Watch Video…

I made a video challenging ANY and ALL fitness influencers.

Here’s the challenge:

  • Take a DEXA scan showing a 6-7% body fat percentage
  • Have “More Plates More Dates” do bloodwork to prove you are natural
  • Show video footage demonstrating strength on key lifts
  • Show me at least 10 solid “before and after” pics of people following your program (I have 100+)

Kinobody has the absolute best transformations in the fitness industry.

Nobody can compete.

In the past, I’ve been too modest about this, but f*ck modesty.

I think I have earned a bit of bragging, and I definitely go for it in this video…

A quick favor.

If you have learned anything that has helped you in my videos, courses, emails, etc…

Can you either like the video or leave a comment?

This will give it better distribution on Youtube.

I need to reach as many fitness influencers as possible.

Let’s see if anyone is up for my challenge!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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