My “Natty or Not” Youtube Interview

“Duuuude… amazing interview. Seriously one of the best things on Youtube right now.”

^^^A friend of mine who’s in the fitness industry just sent me this message this morning.

You see…

I had an interview with More Plates More Dates that was just released yesterday.

This is a BIG deal.

Derek is one of the most respected guys on Youtube when it comes to hormones and training.

His channel has 1.2 million subscribers.

*This was released yesterday, but already picking up steam (over 100k views).

Here’s the link to the full interview.

You know what?

People have been exceptionally supportive in the comments too.

I keep spreading my message regardless of how people react but it was a pleasant surprise to see all the kind words.

One of my favorite topics we covered was about bulking.

Is it a good idea to allow yourself to put on fat and go over 16% body fat to add muscle at a faster rate?

This is a common approach among bodybuilders.

This will NOT work out well for you if you are a natural lifter.

I’ve seen guys attempt this over and over.

In fact, I even tried this approach when I was younger.

Here’s what happens.

A guy will add 15-20 pounds of fat and he WILL get stronger in his major lifts.

The excess fat adds a bit of leverage.

That is why powerlifters stay at a higher body fat percentage.

*Jeff Lewis is an extreme example. He weighs 525 pounds and has squatted 1,212 pounds.Lifting weight at a higher body fat percentage is a whole different deal than when you are lean.

When people bulk up they do get stronger.

But what I have seen time and time again is that this strength is due to the leverage of extra fat and body weight and not due to adding muscle tissue.

They “think” they are getting stronger.

The problem is the test conditions aren’t the same…

So they aren’t really stronger in a way that matters and now they have a ton of fat to lose.

In order to lose this fat, they have to go on an extended diet.

This can sometimes mess with hormone levels.

Even if they did gain a touch of muscle by bulking, this extended diet reduces that muscle.

This whole process can take 6-9 months.

Here’s what I see almost EVERY time.

After all that effort, this person winds up where they started.

In fact, they are in a worse spot than where they started.

  • Rapidly adding body fat can make it tougher to get lean in the future.
  • You are unnecessarily stretching your skin, so it’s possible it will become loose and sagging.
  • It’s not healthy long-term.

I recommend staying lean when you want to gain muscle.

Allow yourself 2-3% body fat wiggle room if you are trying to gain muscle (but no more).If you look your best at 8% body fat.

Don’t go over 10-11% body fat when you are trying to gain muscle.

*I’ll typically only go up 2% body fat.

This is exactly what I teach in Movie Star Masterclass.There’s a reason for everything I teach in this course.

The common bulking approach is just going to make it tougher to get lean and shredded (don’t do it).

You might be able to lift a little heavier when you have high body fat.

But it isn’t worth the price.

My approach is much more effective.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


We cover a f’ckn ton of tips in this interview.

I even talk about the first Youtube channel I created at age 15.

It actually got a lot of views…

…but I was a shy kid at the time and deleted it once my friends in school started playing the videos in class.

To listen to the full story.

Click here…

The Kinobody X More Plates More Dates Interview


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