One Hack to Easily Get Below 10% Body Fat

If you have a hard time getting lean, this will be a game-changer for you.

Here’s what to do.

  • Find a tiny low-calorie satisfying meal.
  • Eat that same meal every day to break your fast.
  • Save the remainder of your calories for your dinner feast.

The key is to make this first meal automatic.

Once you discover the ideal meal, don’t change it up.

Think of your first meal the same way Steve Jobs thought about clothes.

*Steve Jobs wore the same thing every day to avoid decision fatigue… one less thing to think about, and it freed up his mind for more important things.

I like eating the exact same thing for my first meal.

This way I only have to put mental effort into my dinner.

In addition to that, I can track almost exactly how many calories and macros I’m eating since I eat the same thing for that meal.

Here’s my daily daytime meal.

  • Starbucks Rice Crispy Square (230 calories)
  • Kino Collagen Protein (90 calories)
  • A cup of plain nonfat Greek yogurt (100 calories)
  • Banana (optional)

You are looking at a little over 400 calories.

I find this weird little meal oddly satisfying.

*I mix the collagen protein into the plain Greek yogurt and slice up a banana and add it to the yogurt on days when I don’t have a Rice Crispy square handy.

The thing I like about this approach is it allows me to have around 1,800 calories for dinner.

You are able to have a f*ckn feast each night and get shredded.

This weird little daytime meal works wonders.

Everyone who tries it feels the same way…

It’s a brain-dead easy hack that will help you get below 10% body fat.

Give it a shot!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


Before I switched to collagen protein, I used to try to mix whey protein in yogurt.

Whey doesn’t blend well into yogurt.

Collagen is different.

It’s awesome for this.

Make sure and grab our stuff because it’s highly bioavailable protein and is the ideal serving size for getting to single-digit body fat levels.

Kino Collagen Protein

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