Only 5 Minutes of Real Work in a Workout

The biggest mistake people make in the workout is they think more sets are better.

They think…

“Oh, I’m going to do 15-20 sets. I’m going to do six exercises, four or five sets each.”

And it’s just a waste of time.

They’re not going to improve.

When you understand you only have 8-12 quality sets in a workout, each set counts.

So if you think about that, if each set lasts 30 seconds, you have only about 5 minutes of work that you’re actually doing.

There are some warm-up sets.

There’s some walking around.

But only 5 minutes of real work in a workout.

*Recently hit a set of 7 on dips with 180 pounds attached.

When you take Octane, you get the energy, and you get dialed in.

You get that euphoric focus to put in absolute focus and intensity to each set.

Fewer focused sets also mean better recovery.

Just 8-12 serious, focused sets.

No f*ckn pish-posh.

Leave the gym.

Then, let your muscles recover and grow.

The key thing to remember is that you need to make the most out of each and every 30-second set.

All 5 minutes of your workout matter.

This is why I highly recommend taking our workout performance formula, Octane, to make sure you push hard every set.

Get Kino Octane

Smooth energy and focus.

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Greg O’Gallagher

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