Overdoing Ab Workouts

Every guy wants six pack abs since they are so rare.

They make you stand out.

Because of this, I see many guys hitting ab exercises hard too often.

Some guys even train their abs daily.

There’s a myth going around that the abs respond best to daily training.

There’s really no need for that.

The muscles of the core have to fire during almost all exercises.

And it’s very possible that hitting the abs too often will put you into an Overtrained state.

This will make cortisol rise, increase your appetite, etc.

This is the WORST thing for getting a six pack.

Six pack abs are mainly just a result of having low body fat.

*Martin dropped from 202 down to 165 following Movie Star and, as a result, now has shredded abs.

You simply need to create a deficit and get lean over time.

Losing 5-15+ pounds of fat will do wonders for seeing your abs.

The simplest way to do it.

  • Drink water as soon as you wake up
  • A cup of coffee 1-2 hours later
  • Octane, about an hour after that
  • One more cup of coffee before your workout
  • Collagen protein for lunch
  • Large dinner

With The Lean Stack, you get both Octane and Collagen in a bundle.

The Lean Stack

Do this for 3-6 months and six pack abs will be a reality for you.

I will say this…

When you are first starting out, you might want to train abs 2-3 times per week to develop that base muscle.

The nice thing is that once you develop this ab muscle…

It’s easy to maintain this muscle on a few sets per week of an exercise like hanging leg raises.

This is the approach I’ve followed for the past 5 years.

Works well!

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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