Please Don’t Mess With Extreme Diets!

I’m not a fan of extreme diets.

The only thing I do that some might consider extreme is skipping breakfast.

But the main reason I do this is it’s just easier not to overeat calories when you are eating fewer meals.

I also find it’s easier to be productive the first part of the day with the approach.

Besides that, my style of eating is pretty f*ckn chill.

  • All foods are allowed
  • Can have a drink or two if I want
  • Can have a late-night dessert

I find it super easy.

In my opinion, diets like Keto are truly extreme.

The worst part is that cutting out carbs kills your testosterone levels.

It also slows your metabolism by messing with your Thyroid.

There’s a study showing that T3 levels are greatly reduced when carbohydrates are cut out.

People CAN lose weight with keto.

The problem is that the chance of rebound weight gain is magnified any time they eat in a calorie surplus (due to a slowed metabolism).

All keto does is make it tougher to overeat since a whole macro group is off-limits.

Weight loss happens when a deficit is achieved.

Doesn’t matter what diet people follow.

The problem with cutting out a major macro is that it can screw with hormones and your thyroid.

My approach is better in both the short term and long term.

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It’s killer for building muscle.

Fat loss happens quickly and is ongoing.

It’s all outlined here…

Movie Star Masterclass

I cover the ideal macro range to shoot for.

If you get somewhat close to this range and follow my calorie guidelines…

You will get leaner than anyone following extreme diets like keto.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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