Flashback – My Incredible 2020 Quarantine Workout

I have to say…

The spring of 2020 was a weird frickin time.

We were all stuck at home.

Felt like the apocalypse.

I knew the majority of the Kino Warriors wouldn’t have access to a gym.

So I came up with a goal…

To create the best damn bodyweight course possible.

Creating this program made me realize just how much I enjoy bodyweight training.

In a little over 9 weeks, I hit my best condition ever.

Do I look a little crazy here?

This is what happens when you stop a Canadian from traveling to sunny climates for several months.

Toronto gets a little dark and cloudy in the winter months.

“Ah, you think darkness is your ally? You merely adopted the dark. I was born in it… molded by it.” – Bane

The truth is that I was jazzed in that picture.

I knew the program I created was going to help countless guys get in phenomenal shape, even if they didn’t have access to weights.

I filmed a V-Log back then.

It’s running you through one of these bodyweight workouts.

I also wanted to demonstrate how ripped and dense my muscles got, by focusing on high-tension bodyweight movements.

Finally, My Most Ripped Physique | Full Bodyweight Workout

This was shortly after shooting the final videos for my bodyweight course.

Movie Star Bodyweight

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This is a 12-week program.

This video was filmed after doing it for 9 weeks.

Why Bodyweight Training Works So Well

1. Bodyweight training increases muscle activation: Due to the nature of bodyweight exercises, your hands are fixed to the ground or the bar. This is known as a closed chain exercise.

Closed chain exercises improve muscle activation. Greater muscle activation = greater ability to increase strength and muscle.

In fact, this is why people are able to get so strong on weighted chin ups and weighted dips (they are close chain movements), but those same people plateau hard on overhead press and bench press (open chain movements).

2. Bodyweight Training supports a lean and chiseled physique: With bodyweight training, you are lifting your bodyweight. Therefore, the leaner you are the stronger you get. With bodyweight training, the incentive is to be as lean as possible with as much functional muscle as possible.

I’ve noticed with bodyweight training, I have a much easier time leaning down. When I lift very heavy, my body wants to gain weight, so I’m stronger. This leads to a bigger appetite and makes it harder for me to get ripped. With bodyweight training – getting lean becomes a lot easier.

3. Improved Recovery with bodyweight training: There is something really cool about bodyweight training. You feel super recharged and powerful. I’ve noticed with bodyweight training – your recovery is supercharged.

Your body feels more functional and limber and almost injury proofed. There’s a reason why martial artists and special forces focus heavily on bodyweight training. It’s the most functional way to train. 

I Achieved The Best Physique of My Life with Bodyweight Training

Getting strong with bodyweight training requires losing every last bit of excess fat.

This, combined with the increased muscle activation, creates a chiseled body that looks like it was carved out of granite.

Now most bodyweight programs are focused entirely on performing high reps, circuits, and a ton of exercises. 

This is BS and won’t work.

A smart bodyweight training program needs to be designed like a weight training workout. 

The goal is to perform the proper amount of volume on your key muscle groups, and the goal must be to get you stronger and build you up to harder exercises.

When your program is crafted to these specifications, bodyweight training can be unbelievably powerful.

Bodyweight training can actually help you get ripped!

Here’s how this type of training accelerates fat loss.

When we lift very heavy weights, there is an incentive to gain weight and be heavier.

To not just gain muscle but also gain a little fat.

The reason being the heavier you weigh and the more you eat – the easier it is to lift heavy loads.

I often find myself getting stuck when I’m chasing really, really impressive lifts.

With bodyweight training, the incentive is to have minimal fat and maximum muscle.

The leaner you are, the stronger you are with bodyweight training.

This bodyweight workout back in 2020 completely transformed my body.

Bodyweight training not only helps you get lean…

The truth is there are so MANY damn benefits of bodyweight training.

  • More muscle activation
  • Incredible core development
  • Effortlessly promotes a lean physique
  • Functional strength
  • Less injury risk

Plus bodyweight training looks damn cool! 

It turns heads like nothing else

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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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