Quickly 10X Your Dating Life

Don’t listen to what women say, watch what they do.

Here’s a quick story about that…

I was told by women to NEVER put a shirtless photo on a dating app profile.

So I listened to them.

Then one of my successful neighbors, who seemed to give good advice, made a suggestion to me.

We were talking about dating.

I told him I had Tinder, but I wasn’t doing that well.

He told me to put a specific shirtless photo I had on Facebook as my main Tinder photo.

He said, “Bro, you look jacked, make that your MAIN photo.”

It wasn’t even a good shot of my face LMFAO.

But I listened to him… and I thought f*ck it.

My dating life changed literally overnight!

I started matching with insanely beautiful women, and they were all very interested in grabbing a drink.

I ended up going out on a couple of dates per week.

You don’t want a bunch of shirtless photos because that is douchey.

All you are after is ONE killer shirtless photo on your profile, it will literally change your dating life overnight.

Ideally, this won’t be a selfie in the mirror.

You want a picture where it is natural to have your shirt off… like at the beach or the pool.

Have one of your friends take it.

If you have a great shoulder-to-wait ratio and are looking chiseled and lean?

You will f*ckn light it up!

Women go nuts for guys who are in movie star shape.

All my female friends love the scene from Crazy Stupid Love where Emma Stone asks Ryan Gosling to take his shirt off.

*Emma says, “F*ck! Seriously? It’s like you are photoshopped”. Then she feels him up, LMFAO.

Women have a deep attraction and desire for men in this type of shape (but they will never tell you that).

When it comes to dating, watch what women do, not what they say.

In this age of dating on Tinder, Hinge, Instagram, etc…

One incredible shirtless photo can change everything for you.

It doesn’t even matter if some women find this douchey because countless quality women will now respond to you and go out for drinks, etc.

If you are single, make this a priority!

Grab>> Movie Star Masterclass

Spend the next 4-6 months getting in the best shape of your life.

Make sure and get a photo by the beach or pool.

Pick a day when you look exceptionally sharp.

Use that profile pic for several years to score dates with hot incredible women.

This is the most effective way to upgrade your dating life.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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