Real Men Look Like This?

I recently came across a viral photo on Facebook.

It showed a bunch of guys who were absolutely jacked.

Massive chests, huge muscles, etc.

The caption read “real men”.

I had to laugh.

Since when do “real men” have to take steroids and build unrealistic, cheesy bodybuilder physiques?

*Obviously an AI Image, not that I’m against AI. I just like to use this powerful tech for more important things… stunning women, lmao.

That’s the message I want to tackle today.

So many young guys set out with the best intentions to get leaner, healthier, and more attractive.

But their vision gets hijacked.

They think they need to look like a roided-up bodybuilder to be a “real man.”

Here’s the truth:

  1. Taking drugs to get massive is NOT healthy. It will destroy your health and longevity.
  2. Women do NOT find that look attractive. Guys that jacked aren’t dating beautiful, sweet girls.

Research shows the most attractive male physique has a BMI of 24-26 while being lean.

For a 5’10” guy like me, that’s 170-180lbs.

For a 6′ guy, 180-190lbs.

And a 6’2″ guy that’s 190-200lbs.

You do NOT need to get huge. It’s a net negative.

Fitness is just one piece of the pie. It’s 25% of the equation at most.

Once you get your fitness to an 8.5-9/10, it’s far better to level up in other areas:

  • Business and wealth
  • Relationships and confidence
  • Dressing well
  • Learning new skills
  • Being present
  • Traveling

So many guys pour all their energy into fitness in an unhealthy way, driven by insecurity.

My advice?

Aim for a lean, strong physique at 24-26 BMI.

Get crazy strong on the key lifts over a few years.

Then, make fitness part of your background.

Focus on becoming a well-rounded, multi-dimensional man.

Treat yourself like a video game character with many areas to level up.

That’s how you become a “real man”.

Not by destroying your health to look like a bodybuilder.

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Talk soon,

Greg O’Gallagher

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