These Results Are NOT Typical

I got a crazy transformation to share.

I just want to emphasize that these incredible results are not typical.

Bridger TRIPLED his Free T on Mojo.

He went from 5.6 to 16.9!

The reason it was possible for his free T levels to triple is that his total T levels were at 795.

With that high of Total T…

His Free T levels should have been at 14-15.

  • Total testosterone – refers to the overall amount of testosterone circulating in the bloodstream.
  • Free testosterone – refers to the portion of testosterone that is not bound to proteins and is therefore, available for the body to use

Bridger was in a situation where he should have been able to unlock more testosterone.

Here’s his blood work from before taking Mojo.

His total T is really high.

His free T is at 56 pg/ml measurement.

This converts to 5.6 ng/dL.

This is super low.

Someone with this low of free T typically only has a total T level of 265.

His total testosterone is close to 800.

Based on his high total T levels, this low level of free T was an issue.

The Tongkat Ali, Boron, and Zinc in Mojo fixed this issue and this is why his Free T levels skyrocketed.

He has now added 8 pounds of muscle and hitting PRs like crazy.

Again, the reason for this is because his free T went from 5-6 to 17.

Every bit of free T increase makes a big f*ckn difference.

When taking Mojo for 2-3 months.

  • Most people can expect a 20-30% increase in free T
  • We see 50% increases quite a bit
  • A smaller percentage of people double or triple their free T

A 20-30% increase in Free T will absolutely make a difference.

If you get more than that, great.

But just know that you will absolutely notice a 20-30% increase.

More drive, ambition, muscle mass, stronger erections, etc.

I believe we have come up with the ultimate formulation for maximizing your total and free T levels naturally.

Kino Mojo

I recommend subscribing because although you will notice a difference in the first 2 weeks…

2-3 months is really where the magic happens.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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