Reverse Pyramid Training Gets Results!

I want to explain why Reverse Pyramid Training is the foundation of Kinobody programs.

When I first started training, I used standard pyramid training.

This is where you start light and increase weight each set.

I remember my heaviest set of bench press being about 265.

This is what the sets would look like.

  • 135 x 12
  • 185 x 10
  • 225 x 8
  • 265 x 6
  • 135 x 15+ (burn-out set)

This was enough weight to increase the size of my pecs.

The problem was I hit a sticking point.

I badly wanted to be able to use 275 pounds with my work set.

*Only a small portion of guys in the gym can lift with “2 plates and a 25” on each side (275 pounds) for 5-6 reps.

I tried adding more sets, forced reps, increasing calories, etc.

I simply couldn’t get to the point where I could do 275 for 6 reps.

Reverse pyramid training changed that!

After a warmup, I would hit that heavy 5-6 rep set FIRST.

It took 3 workouts to blast past my plateau, and within a month, this is what I was doing on bench press.

  • 285 X 5
  • 255 X 7
  • 225 X 9-10

Heavy sets work your most powerful fast-twitch fibers, and it’s best to work these first when you are completely fresh.

Rest a full 3 minutes.

Reduce weight by 10-15% and then do set #2.

Rest a full 3 minutes.

Reduce weight by 10-15% and then do set #3.

This is your entire bench press workout, only 3 work sets.

If flat-out works!

*RPT is what has allowed me to be able to bench 360 pounds for 2 reps (over twice my body weight).

Reverse Pyramid Training not only builds incredible strength, it is ideal for increasing size of the muscle.

When you do your heaviest set first, it wakes up your nervous system.

The next sets feel lighter than normal…

So you are able to get 1-2 more reps than you would expect on sets 2 and 3.

You are getting the full rep range to maximize muscle growth, and you are able to perform more reps than normal with the weight being handled.

This creates the perfect conditions to pack on chiseled muscle.

I can help you maximize Reverse Pyramid Training.

I’ve been doing it for 10 years now, and there are tweaks to making ongoing gains with this method.

I’ll tell you when you need to rotate exercises.

What exercises work best with this method.

Strength standards to aim for, etc.

All of this is covered from A-to-Z in Movie Star Masterclass.

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Let me help you become one of the strongest guys in your gym.

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Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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