Is Your Sex Drive NUTS on Mojo?

What happens if your sex drive is too high?

This is a real issue with Mojo.

Especially for guys in their 20s and 30s who already have a high sex drive.

Here’s a message I got a couple of days ago.

This WILL happen when you first take Mojo.

It’s not a bad thing.

It’s an indicator that the powerful formulation is raising your testosterone levels.

The sex drive thing is an interesting one.

Some supplements, such as maca root, horny goat weed, and tribulus terrestris simply raise libido WITHOUT increasing testosterone.

They are marketed as testosterone boosters.

But they just make you horny.

It makes things tough.

Especially if you are trying to get work done.

One minute you are working on Spreadsheets…

And the next minute, you stumble across a music video of Dua Lipa thrusting her Hoo Ha toward the camera while letting out a gasp.

This triggers you…

Before you know it you are deep into Porn Hub.

Hanging out with your friend “Pamela Handerson” for 20 minutes, LMAO.

The problem with those other supplements is they raise sex drive without raising testosterone.

Kino Mojo raises sex drive as a side effect of higher testosterone levels.

Big f*ckn difference.

Yes, you will experience a surge in sex drive in the beginning.

I explained this to another guy who recently contacted me about this same issue.

This insane sex drive doesn’t last forever.

It lasts for maybe up to a month, and then it calms down.

Here’s how it works.

Let’s say you have 500 total T before Mojo and then after taking Mojo for a few weeks it jumps to 700.

You’re going to experience a sharp rise in sex drive.

But then you become acclimated to it.

It’s still there… but you are able to control your urges a little better.

This isn’t a negative.

You can harness your sex drive to reach new heights.

*This picture was a test, by the way. If you are a Kino Warrior you know this woman is a hard pass! We don’t associate with breakfast eaters (so frickin pish-posh).

But seriously…

Let your sex drive build.

A high sex drive is tied to ambition and creativity.

If you can harness this, it’s extremely powerful.

Fight your urge to visit porn sites.

Learning to harness this elevated sex drive can lead to some of your biggest breakthroughs and achievements.

Kino Mojo will absolutely raise your sex drive.

It does so by raising testosterone.

This also helps with drive, ambition, energy, and mood, as well as increasing muscle, losing fat, etc.

You can take Mojo on it’s own.

But I highly recommend snagging the Mojo Stack for additional benefits of Kino Nitro for higher blood flow.

The Mojo Stack

Adding Nitro helps with your appearance, skin tone, etc.

It also works like a natural Viagra.

So when you do actually have sex with a real woman you can go several times.

No offense to Pamela Handerson.

Talk Soon,

Greg O’Gallagher


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